Egnite Lights up Laminated Tubes

Essel Propack, a global specialty packaging company promoted by the Essel Group, is introducing a laminated tube with a unique, high-luster, metallic finish. Using a nine-layer structure incorporating PET and EVOH barrier properties, Egnite is as close to a foil-based laminate tube without the costs associated with foil, reports Ted Sojourner, Essel Propack’s regional vice president for the Americas.

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Unit-Dose Tubes Prove Essential to Product Protection, Dispensing Ease

A tube manufacturer taps existing tubes and dispensers and turns them into a unique animal health care solution.

Bogar AG (Wallisellen, Switzerland) produces a full line of products for dogs, cats, and horses. Often employing natural ingredients like plant extracts for its formulas, Bogar requires packaging that can preserve its contents.

One such product is Bogacare Zeckenmittel Margosa Spot-on, which is made of Margosa extract and registered as a biocide for repelling ticks, mites, and fleas from dogs and cats for about 2–4 weeks after each application.

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Tubes Retain Their Luster

Companies are investing in graphic processes, dispensing systems, and new markets.

Tube packaging has continued on a vibrant course, propelled by decorative enhancements and advanced dispensing designs. The need to differentiate product among competitors is never ending, and end-users are always willing to buy cosmetics and essential healthcare products.

Companies are adopting new techniques for imparting graphics onto tubes. Others are investing in new equipment and markets, though investment has slowed a bit recently.

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Hybrid Printing Machine
A new printing machine features flexo printing stations and screen printing stations for flexible tubes. The TH 8130 has a special compensation mechanism that keeps the tube cliché roller distance constant within 0.01 mm, thus enabling half-tone printing of photorealistic images. An increase in pressure eliminates the nonprint areas at the cost of distorting the flexo dots in some areas. ISIMAT GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen, Ellwangen, Germany; +49 7961 8860;

Tube Closures and Decoration

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New Products

Secure Liquid and Cream Application

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Tubes with Benefits

Today’s tubes offer unique dispensing features, unit-of-use formats, and other bonuses intended to heighten the consumer experience.


By Daphne Allen

Consumers enjoy tubes for their convenience. And tubes have gotten even friendlier over the years. For instance, most tubes now stand up, easing storage and enhancing product delivery.

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Letter from the Council

Tubes Offer Convenient Way to Beat the Economic Downturn


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