Dispensing Developments

A tube manufacturer utilizes recently acquired dispensing technology to create a family of tubes with integrated pumps and sprays.

Albéa is combining two technologies to offer product protection and end-user convenience. The global packaging provider, which serves cosmetic, skin and oral care, and perfume brands, is adding an airless dispensing pump to a tube for advance formula protection. Albéa recently acquired Rexam Personal Care, allowing the packaging manufacturer to expand its capabilities in fragrance pumps, lotion pumps, cosmetic closures, samplers, one-touch mechanical foam dispensers, and lipstick and mascara packaging.

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2013 Tube of the Year Awards

The Tube Council has announced the winners of the 2013 Tube of the Year Awards competition. Fifty submissions were entered by member companies in five market categories in this year’s competition, the council reports. Also competing were associate members from companies that provide support services to the tube industry, which were considered in the Most Innovative Process or Component category.
Judges were asked to consider the design of the tubes along with the level and complexity of the decoration, closure selection, dispensing features, and other aspects.

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New Products

The latest in tubes.

Tube Filler

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Vibrant Color for Fragrances

A new line of hand crèmes features tubes in a palette of colors.

A new line of hand crèmes from I Am Fragrance employs tubes developed and manufactured by World Wide Packaging LLC (WWP), a provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes.

The line features nine fragrances, including “I Am Love,” “I Am Peace,” “I Am Me,” and others. A 30-mm foil polymer tube with a “unique-to-client” octagonal cap houses 2 oz of product, reports WWP in a statement.

The color schemes for the nine I Am skin crèmes are:

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Exciting Year for the Tube Council!

The North American Tube Council Board of Governors and I welcome you to a new addition of Tube News and a new year for The Tube Council.

2014 will be an exciting year for The Tube Council. We will continue our outreach to consumer goods brand owners to promote squeezable tubes as the preferred package of choice for marketers in the personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and household industries; continue our efforts to provide member companies information on tubes; and provide means to promote their products.

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Clariant Offers New Airless Tube Packaging System

Clariant’s Healthcare Packaging business segment has announced a partnership and collaboration with PumpArt System to introduce Tubairless airless dispensing technology to the pharmaceutical industry.

Tubes News: Speaking to Consumers from the Shelf

Photographic-quality graphics convey an oral care brand’s unique purpose.

The Original TUNG Gel from Peak Enterprises is now relaunching in Japan with a new package, an injection-molded tube with in-mold labeling. The new tube has already been recognized for its North American market debut in awards programs by both the New Jersey Packaging Executive’s Club and The Tube Council.

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Sterilizable Tubes

Tubes made from polypropylene and foil withstand high temperatures, meeting a medical device manufacturer’s requirements for terminal sterilization.

Seeking to provide a large amount of wound care gel for burn surgery, B. Braun Medical AG (Germany) needed larger containers for its Prontosan Wound Gel in addition to the already available 30-g plastic ampoules. The sterile, highly viscous gel is now available in 250-g tubes, thanks to Neopac (

To meet the product’s sterilization requirements, Neopac and B. Braun Germany worked together to identify appropriate tube materials. Neopac’s Pharma Sales Manager, Chris Kipf, coordinated the project to fruition. 

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Tube Truths—Or Myths?

There are a few challenges that are discouraging some brands from using a tube. Experts help dispel them.
By Marie Redding
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Affection for Tubes

These beauty brands say that tubes deliver many functional benefits, and they can help solve dispensing issues.
By Marie Redding
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