Sterile Medical Packaging

Inspired by End-User Needs

At HealthPack 2010, nurses participating in a live panel spoke of the handling challenges they encounter with items such as tubing or other long medical devices. Experts from Beacon Converters Inc. (Saddle Brook, NJ), in attendance at the show, believed they might have a solution.

Finding the Right Product, Right Away

Emergency room nurses use packaging quite differently than operating room nurses do, and packaging and labeling could help ease medical device use in critical situations.

Novel Tray Design Aims to Tackle Infection

Medline Industries’ unique catheter management system abides by industry guidelines with the aim of reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Medline Industries Inc.’s (Mundelein, IL) novel Foley catheter management system is a revolutionary approach to managing catheters and reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). The shift from a two-layer tray to a one-layered tray to support the sequence of events during catheterization represents a major change for clinicians within the hospital setting. The product launched alongside a comprehensive professional awareness campaign, ERASE CAUTI, using packaging that includes patient and family education components.

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On the Safe Side when In House

Using validatable heat sealers for packaging moving parts within a facility is particularly valuable, notes Jeff Quinto, general manager, Packworld USA (Nazareth, PA). “If FDA comes in to check on the process, there is no variability when using a validatable heat sealer. Every time anything is packaged for movement within the facility, it features the same, exact seal because they are using a controlled heat sealer,” he says.

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Devising Sterile Packaging Solutions

With resources stretched tight, medical device manufacturers turn to suppliers for added support.

The foremost goal for manufacturers is keeping quality up and cost down. While the pressure to reduce packaging costs is not a new trend, it is an ongoing challenge. Regulations keep the sterile packaging market fairly stable, but manufacturers are still looking for ways to hold down costs and enhance product sterility assurance, within mandated requirements. Suppliers are coming up with ways to help them.

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Convenience Package

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Perfecseal's Puerto Rico Facility Registered to ISO 13485

Perfecseal has announced registration to the ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device Quality Management System for its facility in Carolina, Puerto Rico. This completes the registration of all U.S.-based Perfecseal facilities to this Quality Management System and brings the total number of Perfecseal facilities registered to ISO 13485:2003 to six, including the Perfecseal facility in Derry, Northern Ireland. Perfecseal’s five U.S. locations include: Carolina, Puerto Rico; Philadelphia, PA; Mankato, MN; Oshkosh, WI; and New London, WI.

Rollprint Launches New Barrier Structures

At WestPack, Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. will be introducing new barrier film technology with the addition of two new products to its transparent ClearFoil line. With the introduction of ClearFoil X and ClearFoil Z, clear ultra-high barrier packaging options can now replace aluminum foil structures for very demanding applications.

Multivac Now on Facebook

Multivac Inc. (Kansas  City,  MO) is now providing news, tips, special offers, and incentives via Facebook, the popular social networking site. Fans can get the scoop from Multivac’s new “apprentice,” Klaus, often in multimedia format.

HealthPack Needs Medical Device Packages for Nurses' Panel

HealthPack organizers have extended invitations to nurses to attend this year's event in San Antonio, TX, to offer feedback on different medical device packages. Volunteers are needed to donate packaged product (in quantities of 4 - one for each nurse) for panel analysis. "This was a huge success last year," event organizers report. "What better opportunity for you to get live feedback on your package design!"

HealthPack 2010, taking place March 2-4, will be at the Sheraton Gunter, San Antonio.

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