John Henry Tries HP Security Publishing Software

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John Henry Packaging Group (Lansing, MI) is testing a new software solution from Hewlett Packard Co. that prints labels with multiple security features linked to a publishing software database record. The software runs on HP’s Indigo digital printers.

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A Shift in Labeling

Daphne Allen
SecureShift ink can be used in labeling and in packaging such as bottles and blisters.

Label producer CCL Label Inc.

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Industry People

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Is English Good Enough?

On pitfalls of using English in the global marketplace.

By Robert Sprung

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New Proofing System for Labels

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Specialty Labeling: Labels with Multiple Layers

As they help companies meet the latest label content requirements, expanded-content labels also serve as platforms for promotions and security features.

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Brand Matters: Overlabels to Overwhelm No More

Managing the processes and databases needed for multilingual labeling will help you avoid overlabeling and best serve your brand’s image.

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BRAND MATTERS: Block That Overlabel!

Multilingual challenges are at the root of much of today's overlabeling, a practice that isn't recommended for a consistent brand image.

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REGULATORY FOCUS: FDA Members Testify on Drug-Warning Labels

High-ranking agency officials disagree over need for increased authority.

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Labeling: Getting More Out of Materials

Suppliers are designing labels of the future to help companies promote their brands, secure their products, and heed environmental concerns.

Christina Elston
Contributing Editor

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