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The Role of Functional Equivalence Analysis in the DuPont Tyvek Medical Packaging Transition Project

Package testing for the DuPont Tyvek Medical Packaging Transition Project (MPTP) is progressing on schedule, and all results published to date support the functional equivalence of the transitional material to the current Tyvek. While testing continues, DuPont expects that the U.S. FDA will affirm functional equivalence by the third quarter 2015.

New Shipping Solution for Cryogenic Products Debuts

UPS has launched UPS Temperature True Cryo to provide an all-encompassing cryogenic packaging and shipping program for temperature-sensitive products.

New Lots Added to Previous Sterile Convenience Kit Recall

Following a June 3, 2014, recall of sterile convenience kits, Customed Inc. has initiated a recall of sterile convenience surgical kits-trays, bags, and new lots added.

Weight-Loss Product Package Becomes an Instant Knockout

When a new product enters an already crowded field––like the weight-loss supplements marketplace––standing out from that crowd is critical to success. Robert Parker, owner of Roar Ambition, recognized that when he developed his new weight-loss product targeted towards men.

Script Your Future Campaign Reaches Three-Year Milestone in Adherence Awareness

Having completed its initial three-year program, the Script Your Future campaign has educated millions of patients, family caregivers, and healthcare professionals about the importance of medication adherence. The milestone was recognized at the annual meeting of the partners behind the Script Your Future campaign, which is coordinated by the National Consumers League and was launched in 2011.

Mislabeled Overpouch Prompts Recall of One Lot of Potassium Chloride Injection

FDA is reporting on its Web site that Baxter International Inc. is voluntarily recalling one lot of Highly Concentrated Potassium Chloride Injection, 10 mEq per 100 mL because of a complaint of a mislabeled overpouch.

Robots at Work on Deep-Draw Thermoforming Line

The robotic monoblock Unica, which integrates deep-draw thermoforming, robotic pick-and-place transfer, and carton packaging operations, was displayed at Pack Expo International by Marchesini Group. Taking up only a small footprint of 26.5 ft, the system can be used to package syringes, vials, and carpules as well as small containers, tubes, and dispensers.

A company representative tells PMP News that Unica can also be used for sterile medical thermoformed packaging.

BioLife Solutions Improves Packaging Options for BloodStor and CryoStor Freeze Media

BioLife Solutions, Inc., Bothell, WA, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical grade hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media and precision thermal shipping products for cells and tissues, has launched two new improved packaging options for its BloodStor and CryoStor cryopreservation freeze media products.  



Sealing Parameters for Polyamide Pouches