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Predictions for 2015 from CPhI Worldwide Expert Panel

CPhI Worldwide, organized by UBM EMEA, is sharing forecasts on the pharmaceutical industry in 2015 from its expert panel. Panel members include Prabir Basu, Consultant at Pharma Manufacturing; Hendrik Baumann, CEO of Arevipharma GmbH; Brian Carlin, Director, Open Innovation, FMC; Emil W Ciurczak, President Doramaxx Consulting; Girish Malhotra, President EPCOT International; Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant at PharmaFlow; and Dilip Shah, CEO, Vision Consulting Group.

Recipharm Helps Top-Ten Pharma Company Prepare for Serialization in China

Contract development and manufacturing organisation Recipharm has completed a complex serialization project for China for one of its customers. The project was undertaken for a top-ten pharmaceutical company and involved screening and selecting suppliers between February and June 2013 and placing orders in early July 2013. Fifty seven (57) serialized batches have already been supplied since February 2014, the company reported in a news release.

Recipharm reportedly employed new technology to ensure each individual box has its own 1-D bar code and unique serial number.

Stay Up-to-Date on GS1 Standards at Pharmapack Europe

Interested in providing traceability for your pharmaceutical products? Don't miss Janice Kite, Traceability Director Healthcare for GS1 Global Office, Healthcare, who will be presenting at Pharmapack Europe 2015 GS1 Standards: Relevant to the global pharmaceutical supply chain?

PMP News Editor Daphne Allen asked Kite a few questions in advance of the event.

3M Microneedles are a New Patient-Friendly Drug Delivery Method

Getting an injection at the doctor’s office typically does not rank high on many people’s wish list. Thanks to 3M scientists’ know-how, the day is getting closer when patients may be receiving their prescription medications at home via microscopic needles. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can now partner with 3M on development and conducting clinical trials using its 3M™ Hollow Microstructured Transdermal System (hMTS).

Impax Receives FDA Approval for a Generic Version of Lamictal

Impax Laboratories, Inc., Hayward, CA, announced January 26 that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved generic Lamictal (lamotrigine) Orally Disintegrating Tablets, 25mg, 50mg, 100mg and 200mg in blister packaging. Impax will promptly initiate commercialization of this product through Global Pharmaceuticals, Impax's generic division.


Global Nutraceuticals Market Driven by Emerging Markets

The global market for nutraceuticals shows healthy growth. A combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals referring to food or medicinal products that provide health and/or medicinal benefits, including prevention of diseases, the nutraceuticals market has grown at a CAGR of 8.2% over the period of 2006-2012. The growth in the market has been primarily supplemented by a remarkable increase in the ageing population worldwide, along with growing consciousness of the health and wellness amongst the people across the globe.

High-Potency Product Offerings Widen at Catalent Pharma Solutions

Catalent Pharma Solutions is expanding its potent handling and manufacturing capabilities at its Somerset, NJ, facility. The company can now support high-potency compounds from optimization through clinical and commercial manufacturing of final dose form. It has a Center of Excellence for potent handling across Catalent’s portfolio of oral solid manufacturing solutions, and the company's global potent manufacturing capability spans both oral and injectable dose forms, after investing in high-potency clinical packaging and acquiring Micron Technologies.

Kaleo Auto-Injector to Help Reduce Prescription Opioid-Related Deaths


Major Machinery Maker Invests in Aseptic Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pianoro, Bologna - In a rather unstable economic context, that of 2014, the results of the Marchesini Group went totally against the flow and especially against the trends of the manufacturing market. The consolidated turnover of the Group (including its foreign branches), which manufactures packaging plants for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, rose from 222 million in 2013 to 247 million, hence an 11% increase.

Dr. Robert Califf Named FDA Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco


Dr. Califf will play a critical role in providing high-level advice and policy direction on the agency’s medical product and tobacco priorities and will manage cross-cutting clinical, scientific and regulatory initiatives in several key areas for the agency, including personalized medicine, orphan drugs, pediatric science, and the advisory committee system.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., has appointed Robert Califf, M.D., a recognized global leader in cardiology, clinical research, and medical economics, as FDA Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco.  

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