Bar Coding

Authentication Before Track and Trace

Pfizer takes action against counterfeiting with a comprehensive RFID program for one of its blockbuster drugs.

Daphne Allen, Editor

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Regulatory Focus: FDA Asked to Clarify Bar Code Rule Compliance

Is bar coding mandated for products shipped after the deadline, or packaged after the deadline?

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EDITORIAL: Are Hopes Universal for Medical Device Bar Codes?

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BAR CODING SUPPLEMENT: Reducing Errors through 2-D Bar Coding

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An Update on HUD Bar Coding

Hospital Unit Dose bar coding has come a long way--but not all the way.

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Survey Shows Medical Packagers Are Bar Coding

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Verifying Bar Codes on the Packaging Line

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Bar Coding Rules

As industry awaits FDA�s final bar coding rule, PMP News takes a look at what pharmaceutical companies have done�and what they still need to do�to bar code their products down to the unit-dose level.

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Fundamentals of ANSI/ISO Bar Code

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Guidelines for Creating a Good Bar Code

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