Standing Out In the Aisle

Point-of-purchase tactics help branded OTCs differentiate at the retail level.
As OTC brands risk being lost on shelves crowded with competing brands and generic alternatives, in-store promotion affords the opportunity to influence shoppers making their purchase decisions in the store or impulse buying.
In store-merchandising may be marketers’ strongest tool for driving sales of more established brands, according to a study of OTC products released this year by Knowledge Networks (www.kno
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Caps With Shelf Appeal

A new line of child-resistant bottle closures developed by Mold-Rite Plastics ( supports easier opening with the added benefit of heightened shelf presence. The caps in the as-yet-to-be-trademarked EZSafe line feature a petal design for better gripping.
“Our goal was to create a more ergonomically friendly closure.
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Tightening Protective Transport

Active, passive, and hybrid designs are deployed as regulators bear down on quality.
Manufacturers of temperature-sensitive freight are adopting newer and improved shippers for ensuring cargo temperature maintenance over longer distances.
As countries have imposed stricter guidance and regulation for cold-chain shipments, auditors to an increasing extent are demanding proof that cargo temperatures are held within label or haven’t exceeded stability data parameters.
“One of the larger trends has been the infusion of controlled room temperature (CRT) shipments.
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Envirotainer Offers Four-Pallet-Size RAP e2

Envirotainer ( has expanded in active heating and cooling shippers with the launch of the RAP e2. Air France-KLM Cargo carried the first shipment on a KLM passenger flight from Amsterdam to New York for TevaPharmachemie.
A four-US pallet-size (five Euro pallet) unit, the RAP e2 features what Envirotainer calls the next generation of the e-technology platform established with its one-pallet-load RKN e1.
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Studying Pouch Size and Contamination

A first concern of nurses is avoiding contaminating the inside of sterile packaging when devices are flipped to a sterile field or handed off to the scrub nurse.
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“Ouch less” Vaccine Delivery

With the launch of the Fluzone Intradermal influenza virus vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur has provided a new option for vaccine administration in the United States. The first flu vaccine using a microinjection system for intradermal delivery in the United States, Fluzone Intradermal is indicated for adults ages 18 to 64, an age group with traditionally low rates of immunization.
The system features an integrated ultra-fine 0.06-in.
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Pulmatrix Offers Dry Powder Platform

Pulmatrix (, a clinical stage biotech company, has launched the iSPERSE inhaled dry powder drug delivery platform. iSPERSE’s proprietary cationic salt formulations are spray dried together with a drug or drug combinations to produce dry powders optimized for inhalation that are small in particle size, relatively dense, and highly dispersible.
The iSPERSE technology enables loading more drug into a dose and is relatively independent of flow rate.
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Tapemark Expands In Active Transdermal Systems

Tapemark ( has expanded its presence in the active transdermal systems business in acquiring Travanti Pharma Inc.’s IontoPatch business and a suite of iontophoretic technology (, to be distributed through a newly formed entity called Travanti Medical.
“This acquisition was a natural extension for Tapemark. With our experience in both passive and active transdermal drug delivery, we continue to see transdermal systems as a growth area,” says Andy Rensink, president and COO, Tapemark.
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New Routes in Dosing

Among new options, Catalent adds controlled-release and quick-dissolve formats.
Controlled-release and fast-dissolve technologies have expanded the possibilities of solid-dose delivery.
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The View from the End-User

Simulations with doctors, nurses, and EMTs point to opportunities for improved packaging.
Medical device packagers received an eye-opening perspective on how their packaging is used by care providers in fast-paced and often hectic environments at the Healthcare Packaging Immersion Experience at Michigan State University.
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