U.S. Government, Private Sector to Work Together to Fight Counterfeits Globally

At this week's 7th Global Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting & Diversion in Washington, DC, Robert Hormats, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, detailed progress under the State Department’s Safe Medicines Strategy. The program includes U.S. funding of 24 projects mainly in Africa and Asia. For instance, a pilot project in India aimed at building awareness is reportedly reducing the use of fake medicines in certain villages.

Hormats pledged to collaborate with the private sector to protect the integrity of the global supply chain of pharmaceutical products, show organizers reported. Hormats also praised the U.S. FDA for its efforts, adding that the global nature of the pharmaceutical trade will require expanded engagement from the Department of State. He discussed the need for converging standards, regulation, and application of technology across borders.

The event was organized by UK authentication and anti-counterfeiting specialist Reconnaissance International in association with Woods International, a Washington DC based consulting firm focused on international public and private collaboration. Hormats was one of 24 speakers from around the world at the Global Forum. Speeches were made by national drug regulatory agencies, by funding agencies such as the World Bank, by standards organizations including the U.S. Pharmacopeia, and by pharmaceutical companies including Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. Patients’ representative organizations and anti-counterfeiting service and product providers also spoke.

Ian M Lancaster of Reconnaissance International, director of the Global Forum, said in a statement: “It was an honor to have Under Secretary Hormats giving the keynote paper and to hear from him about the USA’s strong commitment to its global strategy for safe medicines. It was also interesting to hear his important points about the need for international co-operation on the development of standards for the testing and authentication of medicines.”

The 8th Global Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting & Diversion will be held in spring 2014. For details contact Reconnaissance International at ian@reconnaissance-intl.com.


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