Pharmalive Examines Next-Generation Drug-Delivery Technologies

Canon Data Products Group and announce the release of a new Special Report, “Drug-Delivery Review and Outlook 2010.” This report provides professionals working in or serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries with analysis of the drug-delivery market, opportunities for growth, technological advancements, and more.

Patients and healthcare providers continue to seek treatments that have improved safety and efficacy profiles, are easy to use, and offer cost savings – ultimately improving patient compliance and disease management. Pharmaceutical companies are turning to drug-delivery partners to help differentiate their products and defend against generic competition. Novel patented delivery systems are becoming key to extending products’ proprietary positioning and securing patient preference. The incentive for pharma companies to invest in these technologies is strong – adding an extra five years to patent life could generate 50% to 100% in additional revenue.

Drug-delivery companies that can meet the combined needs of consumers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies with multiple technology platforms and products are positioned for rapid growth. The U.S. demand for drug-delivery systems is predicted to grow 10% annually through 2012.

“Drug-delivery technology is one of the most dynamic, diverse, and fastest-growing sectors within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device industries,” says Andrew Humphreys, editor in chief of Canon Data Products Group. “New types of pharmaceuticals and biological proteins and peptides require more-advanced delivery systems than traditional modes of administration. These revolutionary breakthroughs are helping propel growth in the extremely competitive and quickly developing drug-delivery arena.”

This PharmaLive Special Report concentrates on the market leaders and technologies expected to head this sector in years to come. This compilation’s prescription-product pipeline details the following information for each medicine:

•    Chemical or substance composition
•    Intended indication
•    Class of drug
•    Clinical status
•    Region of development
•    Product developer/intended marketer

In addition, the pipeline status details preclinical development, Phase I through Phase III, and awaiting approval. Regions of development include the United States, Europe, and Japan. A directory of prescription-drug developers and marketers is included.

Also provided in this report is a listing of drug-delivery medical devices, sorted by device class, as well as a directory of medical-device companies associated with this industry sector.

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