Pfeiffer and Valois Unite as Aptar Pharma

Pfeiffer and Valois are realigning their pharmaceutical operations under the new market-focused brand, Aptar Pharma. For many years, Pfeiffer and Valois have been members of Aptargroup, a family of companies offering consumer dispensing and drug-delivery systems. Aptargroup recently announced a strategic realignment of its businesses under three market-focused business segments: Aptar Beauty + Home, Aptar Food + Beverage, and Aptar Pharma.

“We have always been driven to better serve our customers by enhancing our understanding of their needs and the changing markets in which they operate," said Peter Pfeiffer, Aptargroup President and CEO, in a press release. This realignment will make it even easier for customers to do business with us, and we will be able to offer our full product range in each of our three segments. This next strategic step will put us in position to continue our long-term growth and lead our industry for many years to come.”

The Aptar Pharma organization will be implemented progressively during 2010 and will be fully operational starting in 2011, reported the press release. Aptar Pharma will have two divisions: Consumer Health Care, focused on drug-delivery solutions
adapted to over-the-counter medications; and Prescription, focused on drug-delivery solutions specific to prescription drugs. 

Aptar Pharma R&D and Marketing staff will work closer together in a global market-focused team of 200 people dedicated to satisfying customer needs. Approximately 6% of Aptar Pharma’s annual turnover is dedicated to research, development, and industrialization of novel products.

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