Perfecseal Wins Society of Plastics Engineers Award

Perfecseal earns the 2010 SPE roll-fed, thin-gauge medical thermoformed parts Gold Medal for design of the Ascent Gyrus thermoformed tray. The tray, which was designed and manufactured by Perfecseal’s Mankato, MN, team, features an engineered snap-fit design that uses strategically located, aggressive undercuts and gussets to hold the surgical device in place without requiring a separate retainer.
The package design also acts as a shock-dampening system to protect the device from the rigors of the distribution channel. The new packaging is 100% recyclable and uses 20% less material than the original packaging.
Perfecseal, a division of Bemis Company, employs a collaborative design process to provide packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual application. As the leading provider of reprocessing and remanufacturing services for medical devices, Ascent's challenge was to enhance the package to differentiate from the OEM design. This design team accomplished these goals while providing significant material savings.


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