NanoInk Chooses Partner for Closed-Loop Program

NanoInk’s (Skokie, IL) NanoGuardian brand-protection division is partnering with SDI, a pharmaceutical and healthcare industry analysis company, to deliver its Closed-Loop Protection market-monitoring program. The program combines NanoEncryption on-dose authentication with a pharmacy-auditing program to identify counterfeit or illegally diverted pharmaceuticals entering the global supply chain.

Closed-Loop Protection is a market-monitoring program that gives manufacturers an early warning system to detect counterfeit and diverted product. Random audits will be conducted at retail pharmacies to detect such product and provide manufacturers with early problem detection. SDI’s regulatory experience in conducting proactive market-monitoring services and to manage pharmacy and physician networks led NanoInk to select them as a partner in the program.

Overt, covert, and forensic-level NanoEncryption can be applied directly to tablets, capsules, and vial caps. The security features enable authentication along the supply chain, and forensic-level NanoCodes provide tracking information on each dose. The codes can link to unlimited data such as the strength and expiration date of products; location, date, batch and lot number during the manufacturing process; and the distributor and wholesaler.

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