Linx Printing Technologies Releases Cold-Bottle Coder


Recently introducing technology at Emballage 2010, Linx Printing Technologies reports that its Visicode technology designed to produce clear codes onto cold glass could help reduce bottling line costs. Visicode is part of Linx’s SL301 Scribing Laser coder, which the company says is the fastest, most cost-effective coder available to the bottling industry.

Linx Printing Technologies supplies continuous ink-jet (CIJ) printers, impulse jet printers, and laser coders. Its printers and coders are used across many different industries where product identification codes, batch numbers, dates, and bar codes are required.

According to the company, the technology "encourages the formation of micro cracks in the top layer of cold glass to increase the visibility of the mark. Different types of glass used for specific market sectors require a specific pulse frequency to produce optimal contrast, but in all cases the strength of the glass is not reduced."

Linx can produce the code with less power than is normal for this type of application, the company reports. As a result, the use of Visicode can greatly contribute to a longer tube life (up to 45,000 hours – the longest on the market), higher throughput and lower running costs.

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