Fowler Products Celebrates 60th Year

Fowler Products, a division of Pro Mach, is celebrating its 60th year in business in 2012. Fowler produces capping systems, bottle cleaners, filling systems, and pulsed-light decontamination systems.

Fowler Products manufactures packaging machinery along with its three French partners, Andre Zalkin & CIE, Perrier Bottling Systems, and Claranor. The company began working with the Zalkin Company in 1972, with the Perrier Company in 1987, and with Claranor in 2008. Fowler serves thousands of installations throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

In 2000, Fowler was acquired by Pro Mach Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio. Pro Mach provides integrated packaging products and solutions with 17 brands and approximately 1,100 employees.

Don Cotney, President and General Manager of Fowler Products, stated in a press release: “Fowler Products has been successful because of the vision of its founders, the commitment of its subsequent leaders, and, most importantly, the dedicated service of its employees, some of whom have been at Fowler for more than 40 years. We look forward to the future as we build on the foundation and guiding principles established over the past 60 years.”

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