Baxter Extends Sustainability Efforts to Suppliers, Employees, Communities

Baxter International Inc. is deepening its commitment to address global sustainability while supporting its corporate responsibility to the communities in which it operates.

Baxter recently launched its new Global Supplier Sustainability program to drive progress toward Baxter’s corporate sustainability goal to incorporate green principles into its purchasing program with suppliers. The program is focused in the areas of green supply chain; customs-trade partnership against terrorism (C-TPAT); material regulatory compliance; and supplier environment, health and safety audits.

As part of the program, suppliers that engage in activities that result in positive environmental results for themselves and Baxter, such as changing a manufacturing process that reduces energy usage, will receive recognition. Baxter believes that programs such as this can help reduce the carbon footprints of both Baxter and its suppliers. The program also includes 20 supplier green criteria elements that will be used to assess Baxter’s suppliers, such as if they have an environmental or sustainability program and how they are reducing their carbon footprint and natural resource use. As part of the global business community, Baxter is committed to working with its suppliers to improve their environmental performance, purchase products with reduced environmental impacts, and minimize transportation-related emissions.

In addition, The Waste to Profit Network recently named Baxter an “Outstanding Sustainability Champion.” The network is a partnership of the Chicago Manufacturing Center, City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and Region V of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The program helps area businesses collaborate to identify opportunities to reuse materials and by-products, bringing together more than 200 Chicago-area companies, City of Chicago departments and various institutions to identify and implement synergies that not only reduce waste and emissions, but also deliver economic impact.

Since 2006, the network has diverted more than 165,000 tons of solid waste from landfill and created nearly $16 million dollars in economic impact to local companies.

Baxter, the first company to join the Waste to Profit Network, is working to find innovative ways to recycle mixed medical plastics. Baxter’s commitment to reducing waste generation and increasing recycling and reuse spans more than three decades. Further information on the Waste to Profit Network is available at

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