Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo Enhances QA For High-Priority Pharma Freight

Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo has been accredited as a “Qualified Envirotainer Provider” (QEP) by Envirotainer, supporting the carrier’s closed cool chain solution for pharma product requiring the strictest temperature control.

Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo uses the largest number of Envirotainer containers on a monthly basis around the world. The accreditation recognizes that the carrier has included Envirotainer-related elements into their quality management system.
Since the merger of AF and KLM in 2005, the carrier has been developing Variation Pharma 1, a product for managing temperature-susceptible, high-priority pharma freight. The system follows IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations Chapter 17 “Air Transport Logistics for Temperature-Sensitive Healthcare Products”. 
Goods handled in Variation Pharma 1 recieve ‘highest boarding priority’ supported by: 
temperature and dry ice acceptance checks through the air logistics chain. The program features
captain-monitored inflight temperature, dedicated storage area in transit, and conditioned trucking on request.
The carrier has put in place in their hubs dedicated operational teams in charge of monitoring operations related to Envirotainer-container handling. In addition, a team of pharma specialists manages the major pharma markets in Europe, America, and Asia. Working with pharma customers and freight forwarders, the specialists will build, as needed, special operational processes for pharma transport.
The service is available at over 100 stations around the world, either for import or export, that are able to handle both RKN and RAP Envirotainers.
 “The accreditation is a clear recognition of the serious work achieved by the Air France-KLM Cargo team to put the requirements of our pharma customers in the center of our process in order to achieve the quality that our customers expect from us,” says Stéphane Lemaire, Director of Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo Pharmaceutical Industry segment.
Thomas Persson, CEO of Envirotainer added: “Through our successful business relationship with AF Cargo-KLM Cargo, we recognize their continued commitment to providing new and enhanced products and services for pharma customers. These are supported by strict quality and performance standards to ensure customers’ requirements are satisfied throughout the transportation process.”


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