Acsis Inc. Realigns As Product-Centric Company

Realigning itself as a product-centric company in the marketplace, Acsis Inc. will focus on increasing brand integrity, broadening strategic partnerships, and enhancing business agility for organizations through efficient supply chains, while continuing to expand their client base in key vertical markets. The new Acsis tagline is a credo for simplifying supply chain visibility, “Supply Chain Visibility. Anytime. Anywhere.”
Acsis VisiTrak is a suite of solutions that enables global organizations to fully use existing investments in IT, ERP, and business management, providing real-time supply chain visibility. With more than fourteen years of shop-floor, data collection and RFID experience, Acsis is giving customers the ability to collect and analyze key data points in real-time throughout the supply chain, resulting in measurable business benefits and ROI in the form of labor savings, improved order to cash, improved customer relations and brand protection.
“When I joined Acsis, the company had many strong points: a wealth of industry experience and know-how, close-knit relationships with its customers, tried and true partnerships and award-winning technologies, but it needed focus,” says Gene Eubanks, president and CEO, Acsis. “Under the revitalized leadership of its executive team Acsis has established a clearer focus, launched a strong product line under the Acsis VisiTrak brand and is adhering to an even stronger roadmap for success. The launch of the Acsis VisiTrak Suite is the first in what is sure to be a stream of positive news and outcomes for Acsis in the coming year.”
The VisiTrak Suite of solutions takes advantage of all VisiTrak Foundation features including device and user management, label and document management, store and forward capability for business continuity, and a robust workflow engine for defining interactions between devices, users, ERP and shop floor systems. The VisiTrak Suite, which comprises Acsis AssetTrak, Acsis ProducTrak, Acsis ProducTrak for Life Sciences, Acsis ProductionTrak, and Acsis PartnerTrak, is designed to provide executive-floor to shop-floor visibility. Acsis AssetTrakis a lifecycle-based asset management, tracking and visibility software.
Acsis ProducTrak is a set of best practice mobile transactions for moving product from raw material receipt through finished goods, within manufacturing and distribution facilities. Transactional information can be displayed via KPI-based dashboards for real-time monitoring and management of floor-level activities.
Acsis ProducTrak for Life Sciences is a set of standards-based transactions for moving serialized and non-serialized product throughout manufacturing and distribution facilities in the Life Sciences supply chain. The product facilitates mandate compliance and e-Pedigree as well as providing a means for adding serialization capability to packaging lines through the use of the Serialized Packaging Data Management module.
Acsis ProductionTrak is an ERP-driven MES product for discrete and repetitive manufacturing built to leverage master and operational data already defined in your ERP system, automating and integrating manufacturing and material handling activities at each point in the production process. The solution is bundled with preconfigured KPI-based dashboards for monitoring and controlling manufacturing activities.  
Acsis PartnerTrak is a Web-based, bi-directional framework enabling collaboration with external suppliers and manufacturing, distribution, and logistics providers resulting in end-to-end partner execution visibility and management in real-time.
“The Acsis re-launch is an important milestone in the supply chain market,” says Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research. “Providing visibility across the enterprise and across the value chain, from item to enterprise desktop, is the holy grail in business today. Acsis has had years of successfully developing solutions for one customer at a time, building on their tools and code library, to now emerge as a full solution player.”
With a dominate focus on real-time visibility, every solution within the Acsis VisiTrak suite boasts capabilities in transaction management, process integration, and business management. Industries currently benefiting from the Acsis VisiTrak suite of solutions include aerospace and defense, food and beverage, chemicals, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and consumer packaged goods.

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