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Zeon Chemicals LP

A company has launched a Web site for its cycloolefin polymer thermoplastic resin and film. The site offers information such as application-specific technical guides, product specifications, data sheets, processing guidelines, and technical papers. The applications section discusses specific uses for products and charts, graphs, end-product descriptions, and material properties. The processing guidelines section offers information including each product grade and information for injection- and blow-molding processes, such as machine selection, machine clean-out, mold design, and predrying prior to processing. An event calendar and press release page are available.


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Mettler-Toledo Safeline

A metal-detection and x-ray inspection equipment manufacturer introduces a new Web site. The goal of the site is to provide an educational forum for industry, including the pharmaceutical, plastics, and packaging industries, to learn problem-solving and achieve solutions. The site will feature news stories that target product contamination, including recalls, and information on governmental regulations. Training programs, expert Q&A postings, case studies, and testimonials will be featured from professionals across various industries. How-to articles and inspection tips will be available, along with the ability to post comments and interact with the site hosts and community.


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International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

To try to meet industry needs, a not-for-profit association of 25,000 pharmaceutical science and manufacturing professionals has launched a new Web site. The association conducted usability studies and gathered feedback from its members to improve its existing site. The new site includes easier-to-read pages, intuitive navigation, functionality that enables networking and community-driven communication, and new content for current professional needs, according to the association. Coinciding with the new site, the association released new Knowledge Brief publications and a downloadable version of the group’s Glossary of Applied Terminology. Additional features will soon be offered.


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Industry Wizards

A Web site offers hundreds of original articles on RFID and wireless technology. The site discusses issues in the RFID industry such as pricing, standards, regulations, patents, technology, and techniques. Visitors can create profiles and network with other professionals in the field. The host recently redesigned pages and added a table of contents to make the site easier to navigate and read.


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