Vaccine Switches to Prefilled-Syringe Delivery

Prevnar by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is now available solely in a prefilled syringe.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has launched a new prefilled drug-delivery system for Prevnar. Recommended for infants, the vaccine will be delivered to patients using the BD Hypak SCF prefill system from BD Medical-Pharmaceutical Systems, a unit of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Co; Franklin Lakes, NJ).

Prevnar is given to infants and toddlers to help protect them from certain pneumococcal bacteria that can cause life-threatening meningitis and blood infections. Prevnar was approved by FDA in February 2000 as part of routine vaccination schedules, and the vaccine was originally packaged in single-dose vials. Prevnar is now available in prefilled syringes, the exclusive delivery system.

“This is great news for Wyeth and for families, and we offer sincere congratulations on this recent approval,” said Linda Tharby, vice president and general manager US, BD Medical- Pharmaceutical Systems. “The availability of Prevnar in combination with the BD Hypak SCF system will make delivery of this vaccine for infants more convenient.”

According to BD, the prefilled BD Hypak SCF can minimize medication errors and ease drug delivery. The single-use system eliminates the need for preservatives to maintain product sterility. In addition, BD’s prefilled injectables require less “overfill” than standard medication vials, resulting in the ability to vaccinate a larger number of patients with the same amount of vaccine, the company says.



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