Units Target Non-Destructive Leak Testing

Service Industries (Rolling Meadows, IL) is distributing the Sepha BlisterScan and Sepha PakScan testers from Sepha LTD (Belfast, IR). For non-destructive leak testing of finished blisters, Sepha BlisterScan laser-scans the blisters to detect displacement of the blister cavity profile after a vacuum is introduced into the chamber.

Service Industries sources the tooling from Sepha and works with the customer to develop the test method based on their acceptance criteria, says Joel Gray, president.
“Blue dye testing creates waste, and the tests are subjective. The Sepha BlisterScan provides a validatable machine that tests for leaks down to 7 microns,” says Gray.
The vacuum is drawn after an initial laser scan measures the shape and profile of each cavity. A second scan then measures the displacement. “Then we drop the pressure a little and hold it. A steady decay in the blister profile will indicate a leak,” says Gray.
Pass/fail test results are viewed graphically on a touch screen window. Cavities that fail to meet the set threshold show a color change and can be selected by the user for obtaining the deflection data.
Sepha PakScan provides a non-destructive alternative to blue dye testing for pouches, sachets, and bags. Package displacement is measured by load cells after a vacuum is drawn in the chamber. Up to four large sachets can be inspected simultaneously to check for leaks down to 10 microns.
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