Tubes Become Brighter and Better

Tubes have been redesigned to attract more attention and to be easier to use.

While tubes have long been a convenient, effective package for dispensing creams and ointments, there is always room for improvement. The newest tubes on the market are designed to be colorful and eye-catching, easy to open and use, or especially cost-effective. They provide high-barrier protection as well as an opportunity to create effective designs and graphics.

Custom tubes are especially designed for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging applications. Plastic and paper tube-finishing capabilities include precision cut lengths, thermal end forming, sonic sealed ends, formed flat or rolled ends, lateral seal polyester sleeving, packaging tubes, tube containers, printed tubes, and custom sizes and colors. The company offers complete in-house engineering and prototype capabilities. It can help develop new proprietary packaging concepts or deliver rapid turnaround to existing specifications. Stone Industrial Precision Products Group Inc., College Park, MD.

Unit-dose plastic tubes have three types of caps. The cap styles are Maxim snap-off, MoDoCo twist-off, and Pierce Pak pierce-to-open. Also offered is the Dual Compartment, which keeps two products separate until they are dispensed at the same time. Tubes can be filled with a variety of products on many tube-filling and -sealing machines. Available in 1–6-ml sizes, the tubes can be sterilized by steam, EtO, or radiation. The company offers contract packaging services and can perform controlled environment processing. C P Packaging, Jamesburg, NJ.

A two-piece tube features an angled head with a flip-cap for minimum waste. The Hype Tube may be made a part of the company's Total Concept program, which allows users to choose feeders, tube fillers, cartoning machines, and tubes. Norden Inc., Branchburg, NJ.

Tubes with a colorful or metallic finish are designed to capture consumer attention. The Brilliant Series comprises a selection of intense primary colors. The Metallic Series includes silver, bronze, and gold tubes with the soft feel of plastic. Both series are available in all diameter categories and in a variety of structure configurations, including LDPE or HDPE with optional EVOH barrier. The company supplies multilayer plastic tube packaging to the pharmaceutical industry. Its patented coextrusion process provides a continuous EVOH product barrier while also allowing for color, pattern, texture, or graphics to be placed on the outer layer. Thatcher Tubes, Woodstock, IL.

A new technology cuts the cost of tubes by over 50%, according to a company. Oval, rectangular, irregular, and custom-designed tubes are available. Embossing, texturing, and labeling are options. Tubes with large capacities for liquids and powders can be produced at low cost. Multicompartment tubes are also available. Zestron Research Pty. Ltd., Mount Eliza, Vic., Australia.

A plastic ampule is designed to provide package integrity and convenience. The plastiquéAmp is easy to use and provides a glass-free alternative for unit-dose applications in the pharmaceutical market. It is a one-piece molded polyethylene unit that remains completely intact and sealed until activated by the user. The package is activated by a gentle squeeze at a specially designed saddle, which breaks the inner seal. Squeezing the middle of the tube dispenses the contents. There is no need for cutting, shearing, or twisting in order for the unit to be activated. The plastiquéAmp can be fitted with a dropper tip, swab, brush, or custom dispenser. Printing and secondary packaging options are also available. James Alexander Corp., Blairstown, NJ.

A wide range of laminate and plastic tubes are suitable for the personal care and healthcare industries. Tube packages include single-layer polyethylene and polypropylene tubes, multilayer coextruded tubes, and a wide range of laminate tubes made from polyethylene resins and aluminum foil. The laminate tubes are designed to meet the strict barrier requirements of pharmaceuticals. In addition, tube finishes such as pigmented and pearlescent are available. The company recently introduced the Cebalplas, an all-plastic high-barrier tube for the pharmaceutical industry. Dispensing closures and tamper-evident options are also available. To complement the Glamaseal tamper-evident option, tamper-evident twist-off tubes have been added to the company's mix of products. The company provides a full range of personalized services, including product screening studies, engineering development, and package design. Cebal America, Norwalk, CT.

Collapsible tubes may be decorated using a digital four-color process. A company offers a brochure describing this printing process. Photo-quality graphics are available in quantities as low as 1000 pieces. The company can deliver stock tubes in four weeks. M-Deco Div. of Montebello Packaging, Freehold, NJ.

Cap feed elevators are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging applications. Standard features include a polished stainless-steel inclined elevator bed and chute with polycarbonate covers, a compact 9-cu-ft stainless-steel bin, and an FDA-approved cleated Intralox white polypropylene belt. The Cap-L elevators have a polished stainless-steel tubular frame, illuminated on-off push button, and fully automatic operation. A complete line of elevators is available in several model sizes. Cap-L Company, Inc., Ramsey, NJ.



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