Technology on Display at Pharmapack North America

Two-day event focuses on drug-delivery and packaging technologies and the role they’ll play in patient safety and product traceability.

Pharmapack North America will take place June 18-19 in Philadelphia. The exhibition will bring together exhibitors offering blister packaging, closures, bottles, cardboard packaging, labeling, printing technologies, components and subassemblies, contract manufacturing, traceability and anticounterfeit technologies, dispensing systems, drug-delivery devices and components, and injectable technologies and components. Read below for a preview of the exhibition and a few highlights from the conference. For more details, visit


Exhibitor Product Previews

Glass and Plastic Primary Packaging
A company offers glass and plastic pharmaceutical packaging products suitable for most liquid and solid medications as well as for new parenteral drugs with different pH ranges or toxic pharmaceuticals. MultiShell vials are made of COP/polyamide/COP (cyclic olefin polymer) in a sandwich structure, and the multilayer vials are far more break-resistant than glass vials, the company reports. The company has won the German Packaging Award in November 2011 for the MultiShell plastic vial design. Also available are COP ClearJect syringes as primary packaging for sensitive medications for oncology, ophthalmology and other fields of medicine; prefillable RTF syringes made of tubular glass that are available as bulk products and in ready-to-fill format, which means that they are washed, siliconized, preassembled, and sterilized; and the Duma OneLiner, a twist-off closure developed specifically for the US market with the mandatory foil seal. Gerresheimer,
Booth #509


High Barrier, PVC-Free Blister Film
A new high-barrier, PVC-free blister forming web is based on polyolefin chemistry. PerfecForm SkyBlue contains no chlorinated polymers and is manufactured via a coextrusion process as a symmetrical structure. The thickness of the barrier layer, which is sandwiched between copolyester, determines the overall barrier performance. PerfecForm SkyBlue is designed to be cost effective and provide barrier properties to protect all but the highest barrier requirement product applications. Perfecseal, a Bemis Co.,
Booth #203




A pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer founded in 1970 offers a wide range of standard and special products from 10 ml up to 5000 ml. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 and conforms to ISO 15378- primary packaging for medicinal products. Bottles are registered in the DMF of the FDA of USA. The company utilizes the following technologies: blow molding, extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, injection molding, multilayer extrusion blow molding, and advanced printing. LOG Ltd.,
Booth #325

A company combines sorbent packets or canisters with corresponding dispensers. StripPax Packets take up little space in packaging yet have high moisture adsorption capacity. The packets are offered in a variety of sorbent blends and sizes to meet specific packaging needs. StabilOx Oxygen Absorbing Canisters and Packets are odor free and non-toxic. They effectively reduce package headspace oxygen levels while managing headspace moisture and drug product free moisture to reduce or eliminate oxidative degradation. Both StabilOx Packets and Canisters are uniquely designed to be run on their respective StabilOx Dispensers as part of the StabilOx System. The system advantage is that the sorbent packets and canisters are specifically engineered to be dispensed from the Multisorb dispenser, resulting in an insertion efficiency typically exceeding 99.997%. As part of the StripPax System, the company will be demonstrating its APA-2000 StripPax Dispenser with an optional bottling line interface. The APA-2000 high-speed automated dispenser is capable of dispensing rates up to 300 packets per minute, giving it the ability to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds. The dispensers are compatible with an array of packaging line configurations, including horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS, bottling lines, thermoformed pouching, and other layouts. Constructed with high-quality sensors, drive mechanisms, and cutters, the durable APA-2000 provides the highest level of performance. With optional splicing station cabinets, the APA dispenser will provide uninterrupted dispensing as an operator never has to stop the line to refill the sorbent packets. Multisorb Technologies,
Booth #309


Multilayer Films
A manufacturer of mono and multi-layer barrier films and foils for the pharmaceutical industry has installed a new modern, high-speed lamination line for the production of Aclar multilayer films and Triplex PVdC Films at its Bötzingen facility in Germany. This investment, along with the expansion of PVdC coating capacities in Singapore, yields added capabilities toward meeting increasing demands in the North American market. In addition, the company offers global manufacturing redundancy of Aclar lamination and PVdC coating capabilities by having multiple global locations to support North American customers. The company’s range of Aclar laminates are crystal clear, biochemically inert, chemical-resistant, non-flammable, and free of plasticizers and stabilizers. Bilcare Research Inc.,
Booth #215


Infusion Bottle Label
A label for infusion bottles provides ample space for pertinent information, helps ensure reliable documentation, and hangs easily to assist bedside caregivers. The new Pharma-Tac Plus label uses a multi-layered design to allow sufficient room for detailed product descriptions, and it can help streamline and simplify the administrative processes of intravenous infusions. Upon opening the label’s top layer, additional data such as current and expiration dates can be entered by hand. This is especially important when the contents of infusion bottles are only usable for a certain period of time once removed from cold storage, such as with blood plasma infusions. The Pharma-Tac Plus label also features a hanger that can be separated from the bottom label and folded, allowing caregivers to quickly and easily hang infusion bottles on a bedside rack. The Pharma-Tac Plus label also features detachable adhesive parts that, when removed, serve to document an infusion in both a patient’s medical records and the facility’s blood transfusion records. The new label was recognized by FINAT, the worldwide association of the self-adhesive labeling industry, in its annual awards in this year’s “Innovation” category for its diverse functions, printing quality, and overall design. Schreiner MediPharm,
Booth #526


Conference Keynotes

June 19

8:00 a.m. “The J&J Green Initiative: Strategizing Production and Materials Acquisition to Develop a Sustainable Process,” by Al Iannuzzi, Senior Director Worldwide Environment, Health & Safety, Johnson & Johnson

10:35 a.m. “Compliance Prompting Packaging: Patient Safety, Brand Protection and Supply Chain Security in One Step,” by Walter Berghahn, Executive Director, Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council

3:15 p.m. “The Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging,” by Mary Foster, Chair Expert Committee, Packaging, Storage and Distribution of Drug Products, United States

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