Tapemark Expands In Active Transdermal Systems

Tapemark (www.tapemark.com) has expanded its presence in the active transdermal systems business in acquiring Travanti Pharma Inc.’s IontoPatch business and a suite of iontophoretic technology (www.iontopatch.com), to be distributed through a newly formed entity called Travanti Medical.
“This acquisition was a natural extension for Tapemark. With our experience in both passive and active transdermal drug delivery, we continue to see transdermal systems as a growth area,” says Andy Rensink, president and COO, Tapemark. Tapemark has worked with customers providing active transdermal drug delivery systems using iontophoresis, heat, microneedle, and chemical enhancers.
Tapemark has contract manufactured the IontoPatch line, currently consisting of three products, for several years. IontoPatch is a single-use, disposable patch with a self-contained circuit that produces a low-level electrical current to facilitate the transdermal delivery of a drug or active ingredient. The patches are sold to clinicians as medical devices without embedded drug or active ingredient in the patches. The drug or active ingredient is chosen and added to the patch by the clinician at the time of administration.
As a non-invasive alternative to an injection, the patches are typically used for the localized treatment of patients in the physical therapy market.
The three IontoPatch products are designed to meet different patient needs. IontoPatch 80 is designed to treat most anatomical areas and deliver treatment over 14 hours. IontoPatch SP is designed to primarily treat hands and fingers. IontoPatch STAT treats most anatomical areas as well, but in an average of four hours. “It is intended for patients who require or desire shorter treatment time,” says Robert Arnold, VP and general manager, Travanti Medical.
In the new Travanti Medical unit, product design, manufacturing, and regulatory strategy will be combined in one entity, targeting performance enhancements sought by customers, Arnold explains.
Travanti Medical will market the IontoPatch product line along with the iontophoretic technology for use in medical devices and cosmetics. Additionally, Tapemark expects to develop additional products for the Travanti Medical customer base in orthopedic and rehabilitation markets, including Tapemark’s existing delivery platforms, SoluStrip and Snap!,” explains Rensink.
A designer, developer, and marketer of delivery platforms, Travanti Pharma was acquired in 2009 by Teikoku Pharma USA to further a strategy to develop transdermal pharma products using Travanti’s Wearable Electronic Disposable Drug Delivery (WEDD) technology platform.
“Travanti has created a fairly large intellectual property suite in the iontophoretic area in developing WEDD,” says Rensink. “With our strong relationship with Teikoku Pharma, we will have access to the technology for our customer base, and will work together to present the WEDD technology to customers for use with their drug products.”
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