Shape Custom Packages with Thermoformers

Efficient high-speed machines maximize packaging productivity.

A blister/packaging system combines all the elements of a thermoformer, cartoner, and banding machine. The Blister Express Center can be used for small-scale production or as an ancillary line for a larger company's smaller production lots. The center works with minitools and small rolls of material, and has a changeover time of 15 minutes. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.

A blister packaging machine provides a maximum forming area of 300 x 300 mm. The equipment will handle PVC, PVC/Aclar, PVC/PVdC, PP, and aluminum. It will operate at up to 60 forming cycles, providing an output of up to 800 blisters per minute. All workstations have individual servo drives, and sensors keep track of proper web positioning. Aylward Enterprises Inc., New Bern, NC.

A compact, multipurpose high-speed thermoformer is designed to meet the demands of custom formers and of end-users. The radiant-heat, cut-in-place HP 2000R features a maximum mold size of 24 x 14 in., a form- or trim-in-place press stroke of 3.5 in., and a form- or trim-in-place tonnage of 48 tn. Its radiant-heat oven offers flexibility in the preheat area and maximizes the level of operator control. Usable as part of an in-line form-fill-seal system or as a stand-alone unit, the machine provides speeds of 25 cycles per minute with such materials as polypropylene, OPS, HDPE, vinyl, HIPS, CPET, and PET. Its process controller gives the operator screen access to all machine functions, including storing and retrieving previous job settings. Sencorp Systems Inc., Hyannis, MA.

A modular high-speed thermoformer features the separation of all production operations and mechanical functions into independently enclosed areas each of which can be optimized for the job. This design also allows easy access for inspection, cleaning, and fast toolless changeover. The five modules of the MB451 thermoformer self-adjust to the film already formed. The machine offers built-in production protection, automatic product checking, stop and ejection systems, and a separate reel compartment and splicing and galenic sections all individually fed with clean air. An oil bath system enclosing the main drives and transmission ensures high operating speeds and minimizes maintenance demands. Marchesini Packaging Machinery Inc., West Caldwell, NJ.

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