Sensational Tubes

Dynamic tubes in unique shapes and colors and with multiple dispensing options are designed to catch consumers� attention.

Child-Resistant Tubes

A child-resistant tube is designed to help manufacturers meet child-resistant-packaging guidelines. The simple squeeze-and-turn closure is convenient and easy for adults to use but hard for children to open. The tubes are available in 3�4-, 7�8-, and 1-in. laminate-tube diameters. The company has operations for primary and fabricated aluminum as well as flexible and specialty packaging. Alcan Packaging Cebal, Norwalk, CT; 203/845-6320;

Laminate and Plastic Tubes

Laminate and plastic laminate tubes have multiple applications and are available in many diameters and lengths. For health aid products, these tubes can be manufactured with short lead times and are suitable for many decoration possibilities. They are also suitable for pharmaceutical applications where the feel of plastic is desired and barrier material is required. The company also manufactures collapsible metal tubes in a wide range of sizes for the pharmaceutical market. These tubes can easily control the amount of product dispensed by simply removing the cap and lightly squeezing the tube. The closure provides a quick and secure seal for nearly every size and style of tube. IntraPac, Don Mills, ON, Canada; 416/391- 4296;

Plastic Squeeze Tubes

A line of plastic squeeze tubes is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Options include UV, matte, and gloss finishes; and polypropylene and high- and low-density polyethylene materials, including softouch, dual layer, and coextruded. The tube heads come in a variety of orifices and matching caps with such dispensing features as snip-tips, flip-tops, disc-tops, and stand-ups. Child resistance is also offered. Decorating processes include offset printing, silk-screening, hot stamping, and labeling. O.Berk Co., Union, NJ; 888/CPG-BERK, ext. 1123;

Oval Tubes

Two oval plastic tubes are available in 1 3�4-in. and 2-in.-diam designs with capacities ranging from 2.6 to 8.5 oz. Flip-top oval dispensing closures are registered to the graphics on the tube. The tubes can be decorated with multicolor designs, silk-screened in up to five colors, or dry offset printed up to six colors. This dramatic new oval shape allows for more graphics on the front of the tube, increasing the shelf presence of the product. Tubed Products, Easthampton, MA; 413/527-1250;  

Plastic Ampules

A company has added the ability to color its unit-dose plastic ampule packages. The ampules are designed to eliminate the inconvenience of having to tear or cut the top of the package to dispense the contents. The user activates the package with a gentle squeeze, rupturing the patented internal membrane. Another squeeze dispenses the contents onto the applicator tip. The rate and flow of the liquid is easily controlled. James Alexander, Blairstown, NJ; 908/362-9266;  

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