Seal Unit-Dose Packages With Blister Machinery

Designs suitable for small batches and high speeds are available.

A nitrogen gas flushing system produces modified-atmosphere packaging on any blister packaging machine. It is designed to handle common solid-dose pharmaceutical products and medical devices where increased shelf life and product stability are a concern. The system provides a purge to reduce residual oxygen to less than 1% in sealed blisters. For leak detection purposes, it is also capable of filling the blisters with helium. The system is easy to install and operate and will not inhibit the efficiency of normal machine operation. There are no moving parts, and minimal maintenance is required. The gas-flushing rate is adjustable to accommodate any packaging requirements. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ.

A high-speed blister thermoformer incorporates simple, clean ergonomics and features a small, space-conscious footprint. The balcony concept is integrated into the design of each station. The machine’s main features include a simple control system and a forming station that has an atmospherically isolated environment with easy access to the forming web. The filling station can be quickly cleaned and set up by any operation. The MB451 also has a dynamic platen sealing station and a final station that generates little or no material waste from blister crosscut. Marchesini Packaging, Landing, NJ.

A blister sealing machine features quick-change tooling, which allows operators to switch tooling without the use of hand tools, reducing up to 40% of the downtime usually required for standard tooling changeover. The Model 6SC1216 also features an ac variable-speed drive unit, automatic blister and card feeders, a programmable logic controller, auto start and purge, and an easy-to-operate control panel. The company is also an ISO 9001–registered thermoformer with six regional thermoforming sites. Alloyd, DeKalb, IL.

A blister packaging and cartoning system is designed for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging applications requiring versatility, flexibility, and ease of use. The CP-1200 operates at speeds of up to 600 blister packs per minute and is capable of thermoforming or cold forming. Blister packs may be up to 285 x 306 mm. Toolless changeovers take less than 30 minutes, and material may be changed without stopping the machine. The CP-1200 can be programmed to run 60 different package formats, which are selected through a sophisticated, easy-to-use man-machine interface. Klöckner Medipak, Clearwater, FL.

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