Reliable Sterilizers

Sterilization services and supplies ensure product sterility without degradation.

Sterilization Indicators
A company offers sterilization indicators for visual sterilization indication through either a steam or radiation process. The sterilization indicators are adhesive backed, preprinted, and change color when exposed to specific sterilizing methods. The radiation indicator will change color at a minimum of 5 kGy exposure and perform in both E-beam and gamma sterilization. The steam indicator will change color at a minimum of 10 minutes at 121°C or 2 minutes at 134°C of saturated steam. The indicators do not contain heavy metals. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;

E-Beam Irradiation
A synergistic treatment process combines medical device sterilization with performance-enhancing cross-linking. The E-beam irradiation process ensures product sterility even as it creates value-added performance benefits for improving wear resistance, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, barrier properties, and impact resistance of polymeric medical products. The one-step E-beam irradiation process creates a permanent cross-linking between the molecules within the polymer structure. Cross-linking is known to significantly improve a wide range of properties, including tensile and impact strength, solvent and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and thermal stability. This technique treats the finished product, already packaged, without the introduction of chemicals or additives. The degree of treatment is controlled by the level of dose required to sterilize the product or to deliver the performance. E-Beam Services Inc., Cranbury, NJ; 877/413-2326;

Sterilization Systems
A company provides in-line or end-of-line sterilization systems housed within the manufacturer's facility. In-line application includes sterilization of individual items directly on a production line prior to packaging or inclusion in a kit. End-of-line configuration places the unit at the end of the production and packaging process and sterilizes the product in its final shipping case configuration. The Titan Scan On-Site system can be installed in any manufacturing location with minimal facility modifications or improvements. The overall space requirements are less than 750 sq ft. The SureTrack control subsystem ensures that the product is accurately controlled throughout the process and provides a validated process interrupt procedure in the event of a system fault, thereby assuring the sterility and protection of the product. Titan Scan Technologies, San Diego, CA; 800/ 438-1423;

Prospore Ampoule
A self-contained biological indicator is available for use in healthcare or industrial steam sterilization. Prospore Ampoule is intended for use as a challenge to steam sterilization at 121°C. It can be used to validate the sterilization of volumes of liquid that take a longer time to reach sterilizing conditions. Prospore Ampoule is also acceptable for use when placed in the sterilizer in nonliquid loads. No activation is required. Users just need to expose the unit in the sterilizer and incubate afterwards. It is available in 1-ml and 4-ml glass ampules. The ampules are filled with a modified soybean casein digest broth containing bromocresol purple acid indicator and a population of G. stearothermophilus spores. Raven Biological Laboratories, Omaha, NE; 800/728-5702;  

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