Protecting and Decorating with Wrappers

Wrappers offer a variety of ways to protect and decorate healthcare packaging.

To complete the packaging process, many companies choose to wrap their medical trays, bottles, cartons, and other packaging with a material to further protect or decorate their healthcare products. Presented with a wide range of machinery, packaging engineers can choose from overwrappers, shrink-wrappers, stretch-wrappers, seal-wrappers, and bundlers.

Despite their varying wrapping styles, most models offer similar benefits such as high throughput at high speeds, quick changeover capabilities, and the ability to accommodate a range of packaging sizes and materials.

Some units, however, offer unique options such as bar code scanners, ink-jet printers, carton stackers, and conveying systems. Others can be integrated into assembly lines to complement processes such as packaging and labeling. Many equipment manufacturers even customize their units to meet their clients' exact needs.

A fin seal-wrapper runs at speeds of up to 80 packs per minute and handles packages up to 10 x 6.5 x 17 in. The Carrera 500M features three sets of fin seal rollers: two sets of inclinable fin wheels and one set to lay fin seals flat and ensure smooth transfer of product. Additional features include an 8-in. infeed, mechanical reel brake, ac motor with inverter, and adjustable folding box. Heavy-duty mechanical construction and cantilevered body allow easy cleaning and maintenance. Optional features include a tabletop infeed and casters. Ilapak Inc., Newtown, PA.


Overwrapping machinery is designed to handle an extensive range of products including rigid cartons and soft packages. Able to wrap products individually or in sets, the systems enable users to create packaging that offers tamper evidency, ease of handling, odor control, and extended shelf life. Systems include the ME4-12 B—series low-cost overwrappers; ME4-12 BX—series overwrappers with diagnostic panels; ME12-30 L—series overwrappers designed for high throughput and available with a high-speed collator; ME12-30 KAP—series overwrappers that use cold glue for sealing; ME PSB500—series stretch-wrapping systems designed to handle multipacks of bulky products that produce tight PE wraps without shrink tunnels; and a wide range of product-handling and conveying systems to complement the overwrapping systems. According to the supplier, overwrapping is less expensive than shrink-wrapping and is easier and safer to open. Pictured is Model ME4-12 BX100FF, which offers fingertip changeover, helping operators save time. Packaging Dynamics Inc., Walnut Creek, CA.



Long-dwell wrappers produce hermetically sealed packs at speeds up to 400 units per minute. Both the HBL and the HSL feature servo drives, touch screens, and machine designs that accommodate validation requirements and simplify changeover and maintenance. Optional features include automatic film splicing, bar code scanning, and ink-jet printing. SIG Packaging Technology North America Inc., Raleigh, NC.



Single-lane stretch bundlers can handle a range of products and collations with tool changeovers taking no more than 15 minutes. The PEWO-pack 450 sn can operate at speeds of up to 240 bottles or cartons per minute. An alphanumeric operator interface gives operators access to software for variable setting changes, and a changeover matrix guides them through a series of adjustments with linear scales and digital handwheels. For cartons, a range of handling devices such as stackers and turning wheels are available. Either round or rectangular bottles can be collated for wrapping. Rodico Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ.



A tray wrapper is designed for healthcare and other product packaging. Model ILTW operates at speeds up to 30 trays per minute and can handle package sizes from 6 x 6 x 2 in. to 24 x 24 x 10 in. Other models can accommodate packages up to 14 in. high. Featuring a tubular frame construction, the system incorporates variable-speed infeed/discharge belt conveyors, PLC, three-point contact seal bar, solid-state PID temperature controller, high/low temperature range controls, and power film unwinders. It can be integrated into a tray-making and -loading production line. Omega Design Corp., Exton, PA.


A miniature wrapper/bundler can overwrap a wide variety of products with a complete six-sided wrap with a bottom seal or a cigarette-style seal. Designed as a more compact version of the company's larger model, the MF910 keeps work areas separate from mechanical parts to ensure operator and product protection and to allow complete accessibility to all areas for inspection, cleaning, and changeover. The wrapper can use a variety of heat sealing films, including cellophane, polypropylene, and PVC. It can handle package sizes up to 250 x 150 x 250 mm at speeds of 40 bundles per minute. Special infeed versions are available with 90% infeed or transport chains. Changeover can be carried out by line operators. Marchesini Packaging Machinery, Fairfield, NJ.



A packaging system bags products individually and then places groups of bags into a larger bag, which can range in size from 6 x 6 in. to 101Ž2 x 22 in. The Stacked Masterpack System consists of two Autobag HS-100 Excel baggers that are mounted one on top of the other in a modified frame design, the Accu-Count Advantage automatic bag counter, the AutoLabel PI-4000 thermal transfer imprinter, and a PLC. During the first phase of the packaging process, the PLC signals a vibratory feed bowl to count out a predetermined number of parts and transfer them into the top Excel bagger for individual packing. Both the individual packages and the larger bags can be imprinted with product-specific information and universal product codes. The system eliminates manual counting, saving labor costs. Automated Packaging Systems Inc., Streetsboro, OH.


Orbital stretch-wrappers feature powered prestretch film delivery systems that ensure that film is stretched to its most efficient use. The Constellation series can wrap products in any shape or size. The wrappers are constructed using steel and feature an open design for easy access to machine parts. They use nonproprietary parts. Orion Packaging Systems Inc., Memphis, TN.





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