Product Update: Wrapping It Up with Bags and Pouches

A range of materials can be used to bag your products 




Foil Header Pouch

A high-barrier peelable foil pouch features an uncoated Tyvek header that can be removed after sterilization. The foil provides moisture, oxygen, and UV light barrier, while the uncoated Tyvek allows for a shorter EtO sterilization cycle. The pouch structure is resistant to punctures, suiting it for rigid devices. The package is manufactured on the firm’s new pouching machine, which is installed in a dedicated room to reduce the risk of contamination. Amcor Flexibles Healthcare, Mundelein, IL; 800/447-0049;


A manufacturer of automatic packaging systems offers a wide range of bag materials for use on its machines. Polypropylene Retail Film (PPRF) is a cast 1.8-mil film offering clarity, sealing strength, and machinability. PolyClean high-density blend (PLC-1) is made of a blend of polyethylene resins without slip agents or process additives that could react with contents. This material is ideal for medical devices and reactive products such as polycarbonate. LifeX materials are a family of coextruded nylon films featuring high oxygen transmission rates, high barrier properties, and high puncture resistance. Designed for mail order and fulfillment uses, Ultra Violet/Parcel Spec (UVPS) three-layer coextruded high-opaque material is available in 2.5 or 3.8-mil gauges and can be marked using thermal-transfer imprinting. Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, OH; 888/AUTOBAG;

Flexi 6611

Available for pharmaceutical and medical device pouches, a high-barrier foil-based structure uses solventless adhesives during lamination. Flexi 6611 features polyester/adhesive/
aluminum foil/adhesive/clear polyethylene to achieve a moisture-vapor transmission rate of <0.001 g/100 sq in./
24 hr and oxygen permeability <0.001 cm3/100 sq in./90% RH. The laminate has been engineered for sealing and machinability to ensure optimum production speeds. High-end graphics can be produced by the converter using a newly installed Infiniti II 10-color flexographic press. Flexicon Inc., Cary, IL; 847/639-3530;

Ultimate Header Bags

Header bags are made of a multilayer film technology using resin blends for puncture, tear, and impact resistance. Ultimate Header Bags consist of Ultimate Header Film G1 series and uncoated Tyvek. They are available in the following styles: KwikBreathe Tyvek Barbell, designed for large, heavy, and bulky sterile surgery kits; KwikBreathe Tyvek with Kwadvents for small to medium sterile surgery kits; and KwikBreathe Paper with Kwadvents for small to medium sterile surgery kits that features fiber-free peel opening and nonshredding seals. Coated Tyvek header bags are also available. Alcan Packaging Medical Flexibles Americas, Chicago, IL, 773/ 399-8450;

Flexible Bags for Parenteral Drugs

A supplier of PVC and polypropylene bags offers bags for premixed drugs as well as needle-free kits for reconstitution and dilution for ready-to-mix drugs. The company has strategic alliances with contract manufacturers and bag-filling equipment manufacturers worldwide to provide a complete, cost-effective supply solution for both branded and generic injectable drugs. Technoflex, Bidart, France; +33 5 59549034;

Premade Bags and Pouches

A company specializes in producing plain or printed premade barrier and high-barrier bags and pouches. The converter uses and provides a wide range of laminated structures in various thicknesses, widths, lengths, and types. Typical layered structures available include paper/poly/foil/poly, PET/PE/foil/PE/LLDPE, and biaxially oriented nylon/PE/foil/PE/LLDPE. All orders are produced to customer specifications and adhere to CGMPs. Kleer Pak Manufacturing Company, Inc., Addison, IL; 630/543-0208;

Liquid-, Powder-, and Tablet-Filled Pouches

A contract packager produces pouches for primary and secondary packaging. Performed in cleanrooms featuring independent HEPA air filtration and temperature and humidity controls, primary packaging operations generate powder-filled pouches, including ultra-low-weight fills; liquid- and gel-filled pouches with unique dispensing controls; solid-oral-filled pouches, including tablets, capsules, and softgels; and tandem and strip-pack formats. Secondary packaging in pouches or overwraps is also available. Child-resistant designs are available for many formats. Anderson Packaging Inc., Rockford, IL; 815/484-9000;

Great White Samples

Sample packets and sachets are available with a brightness level of 91. The samples are made from a converter’s newest offering, Great White flexible packaging film. According to the firm, the extremely white film produces the purest color quality, helping represent the true color of the product’s actual packaging. The film’s structure hides the foil layer responsible for the graying effect seen in standard packaging film, without compromising the inner-layer adhesion of the structure, so packages will not fall apart. Glenroy Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI; 800/824-1482;

Pouching Material

A new sterile-grade material is available for pouching applications. Ovantex is a strong, breathable, synthetic- fiber substrate that offers puncture and tear resistance, and bacterial barrier properties. It is available with the company’s proprietary DotCoat hot-melt adhesive application process, which can help reduce costs by speeding sterilization cycles. The coating also offers porosity, anchorage, and humidity and condensation resistance; facilitates verification of a strong seal; and prevents yellowing over time from exposure to UV light. Oliver Medical, Grand Rapids, MI; 800/253-3893;

Metallic Static Shield Poly Tubing

Polyethylene tubing supplied on a roll enables users to create custom-sized poly bags that inhibit electrostatic discharge (ESD). Metallic Static Shield Poly Tubing has been laboratory tested and meets or exceeds the electrical and physical requirements of MIL-PRF-81705D Type III and EIA 541 standards. When used with the firm’s Better Bagger 900e, the tubing can be cut and sealed to create custom, on-demand bags up to 8 in. wide and up to 99 in. long. Customization is also available to produce lengths up to 240 in. Manufacturers can eliminate the need to order premade bags in bulk, thus reducing waste and inventory cost. The company reports that the cost of making on-demand bags can average 50% less than the cost of purchasing premade bags. Better Packages Inc., Shelton, CT; 800/237-9151;

Custom Converting

Specializing in cleanroom-manufactured sterile medical packaging, a company is fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO EN 13485:2003. Products such as pouches and header bags can be produced in an assortment of materials, including Tyvek, medical paper, film, and aluminum foil. Packages can be unprinted or flexographically printed in up to four colors and come in weld or peel versions. Chevron or corner-peel pouches can be equipped with features such as hang-holes and thumb notches. Header bags in standard and reinforced strengths are available in a range of sizes. All products are custom made to each customer’s individual specifications. Contract manufacturing and packaging services, as well as packaging design and development, are available to customers worldwide. SteriPack Medical Ltd., Clara, Co. Offaly, Ireland; +353 506 31888, ext. 118;

Sterile Medical Packaging

A manufacturer of sterile medical packaging, such as pouches and sachets, operates a closely monitored cleanroom facility to minimize contamination. Routine environmental checks and microbial monitoring of operator hands and garments are standard procedures. Off-line seal-strength testing and dye testing is routinely performed in accordance with EN 868 Part 1. Machinery built by the company enables quick and easy tool and print changeover; coupled with in-line printing, the machinery enables the firm to remain competitive with all-sized production runs. Contract packaging and manufacturing services are available. Riverside Medical Packaging Co. Ltd., Derby, UK; +44 1332 755622;

Barrier Pouches

A high-barrier peelable-film pouch offers clarity for product visibility. TPS-4049B is an aluminum oxide polyester-based lamination that, when sealed to itself, provides a strong, flexible, puncture-resistant package for medical devices requiring barrier packaging. Radiation-sterilizable TPS-4049B barrier pouches provide gas- and moisture-barrier properties approaching those of foils and clean, peelable seals with visible seal transfer for assurance of package integrity. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA; 215/322-7900;

Thermal Transport Devices

Soft-sided reusable cases are available for patients to transport medications and other temperature-sensitive goods for up to 12 hours with only two thermal cooling elements. Added storage compartments are built in, making the cases suitable for patient care kits. The cases have been tested according to the ISTA 7D standard. Recorded data show that the cases maintain refrigerated temperatures of 36°–46°F without freezing in an ambient temperature of 70°–100°F. PharMedlogix LLC, Fall River, MA; 508/677-3683;


A diverse line of mailers offers easy-to-use and cost-effective alternatives to boxes and other containers. Each mailer is durable and lightweight, and they are available in standard and custom sizes. Custom printing is available. According to the manufacturer, the mailers increase product security while decreasing shipping costs. Robert Karp Container Corp., South Kearny, NJ; 973/690-5444;



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