PRODUCT UPDATE: Sealers Provide Packaging Integrity

Validatable systems are designed to maximize productivity.


Continuous rotary heat sealers

are offered in tabletop, stand-alone, and conveyorized versions and use air-pressurized heating and cooling bars to perform sealing functions. Sealing parameters are maintained via digital temperature, pressure, and tachometer controls on the front panel, with validation being supported by audio alarms, an external thermocouple jack, and reverse feed on the motor. Medical sealers in the MPS 6300 series are equipped with an internal safety interlock switch, an adjustable-height gas-spring floor stand, and etched Teflon bands designed to produce consistently strong, clean seals. Routine maintenance can be performed quickly. Available system options include trimmers, printers, embossers, and upgraded control packages and data acquisition systems.

Emplex Systems Inc.,

Toronto, ON, Canada.

A line of thermal-impulse vacuum sealers is designed to achieve good vacuum and seal integrity to satisfy medical packaging requirements. Tabletop Medivac sealers come standard with a digital temperature-control unit that includes selective alarm functions, and variable timers enable vacuum and gas flush to be precisely controlled. All system controls are repeatable and validatable, providing FDA and NIST traceability. Depending on the barrier materials used, the sealer can be constructed with dual elements or configured to provide a single wide seal to ensure airtightness and watertightness over a long package shelf life. The machine features safety elements to prevent heat or high pressure until the top and bottom bars are flush. Other features include stainless-steel and powder-coated surfaces for cleanroom compatibility, and an optional pneumatic stand for height adjustment and selection of either vertical or horizontal sealing. Aline Heat Seal Corp., Cerritos, CA.

A small pouch machine is designed to allow pharmaceutical, healthcare, and nutritional companies and central hospital pharmacies to form, fill, and seal pouches at speeds up to 60 pouches per minute. Tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, syringes, ampules, vials, medical disposables, small blood bags, and small parts can be handled. The poucher-sealer features a carousel-type product-loading turret for manual and automatic product feeding; a touch screen user interface panel; a three-color beacon light with visible integrated diagnostic display to maintain operating efficiency and safety; multiple emergency-stop buttons; and safety interlocking of doors and panels that causes the machine to quit operating whenever any door or panel is opened. Available accessories make possible tear notching, in-line bar code printing and verification, hole punching, and embossed date and lot coding of pouches. Wrapade Machine Company, Inc., Saddle Brook, NJ.

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