Product Update: Safe-and-Secure Shipping Materials & Containers

These materials are designed to protect products throughout the rigors of transportation.


Durable Transport Containers

Durable insulated containers can be custom designed, tested, and qualified to protect perishable goods during transportation. The systems tightly seal payloads, maintaining frozen temperatures (-75 to 20 degrees C) as well as refrigerated temperatures (2 to 8 degrees C or 1 to 10 degrees C). Options include FLX-SEAL flexible doors, false floors, cargo stabilizers, casters, drains, shelving, 1- to 3-in. urethane foam walls, and corporate logo graphics molded into the containers. The latest container in development is a customizable bulk transporter that accommodates pallet-sized loads while secured to its own 40 x 61-in. aluminum pallet. An inlaid thermometer visible on the front door monitors internal payload temperatures. These temperatures are maintained by circulating air vented from a bunker that can store dry ice or gel packs. The shippers can be prequalified through testing and qualification services. ThermoSafe Brands, Arlington Heights, IL; 800/323-7442;

Shipping Containers

A firm offers five different transport solutions for protecting temperature-sensitive products. Using only frozen gel packs, pallet-sized BioSphere maintains healthcare products at 2° to 8° C for 96 hours in hot and cold environments. Premolded Conduction Blocks can reduce temperature pockets in specific areas of the shipping container to consume energy from its source before it reaches the product load. A Sliding Ice Tray separates coolant from the product while controlling thermal conduction and directing thermal convection. The Convection-Engine design uses engineered shapes, cavities, and channels in various places throughout a container to use thermal convection to move and disperse energy within the container. Finally, Air-Lock interlocking walls, lids, and bases reduce thermal convection between the external and the internal environments. These offerings can be combined to provide a custom-designed shipping container. EnviroCooler, Huntington Beach, CA; 714/891-5035;

Perforated Bagging System

A packaging company has introduced a new shipping system that eliminates the need for corrugated shipper boxes. The PERFect Pack system uses layers of perforated plastic bags to form a brick of bagged bottles that can be stacked onto a pallet for economical and convenient shipping. The system also features a unique stacking method that eliminates wasted head space in corrugated shipper boxes. This enables companies to fit more bottles into limited warehouse space and results in better stacking strength for each pallet. It also offers improved ergonomics for plant floor personnel so they can handle each layer of bottles separately instead of handling the entire contents of a 30-lb shipper carton at one time. Alpha Packaging, St. Louis, MO; 800/421-4772;

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