PRODUCT UPDATE Easy-to-use Cartoners

Provide the speed necessary for quick changeovers.



A compact machine can automatically produce up to 80 straight or reverse-tuck cartons a minute. The B15 operates reliably due to a constant oil bath lubricating all moving parts. Also, a wide range of infeeds makes the B15 suitable for almost any cartoning application. The company also offers a complete line of MG2/MAB case packers, tray formers, pouchers, overwrappers, and palletizers. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Horizontal Cartoners
A manufacturer of moderate-speed cartoning, tray-forming, and case-packing systems offers an extended power magazine as an available option on its full line of automatic horizontal cartoners. The magazine offers more than four times the feeding capacity of the standard 16-in. carton magazine, and includes a 5-ft conveyor with pneumatic-powered drive. Photoelectric sensors signal the conveyor to advance and add more cartons to the magazine when the level of carton blanks reaches a preset level of depletion. The extended power magazine significantly reduces operator attendance time for loading of the carton magazine. It is available on the company's ECM series, a variable speed, continuous-motion cartoner with a 6000-carton-per-hour capacity; the Spartan, an intermittent-motion, horizontal cartoner with 2400-per-hour cartoning capacity; and the E-System 2000, with 1500-per-hour cartoning capacity. Econocorp, Randolph, MA; 781/986-7500;

MA255 Cartoner
A continuous-motion horizontal cartoner has been developed for ease of operation. All functions take place in clearly visible, easily accessible areas. Operating diagnostics are displayed on an eye-level control panel, and changeovers are easy and fast. Sealed oil baths keep the main drive movements quiet and vibration free. The MA255 has a capability of speeds up to 200 cartons per minute and features a new carton erection system. An innovative tilting arm combined with a mechanical prebreak allows erected cartons to be placed directly into transport chain lugs. There is automatic rejection of incomplete cartons or those with products missing. Marchesini Packaging Machinery Inc., West Caldwell, NJ; 973/575-7445;

C 2156 Cartoner
A cartoner with a 6-in. pitch can be used for large-sized cartons. With a maximum format range of 130 x 90 x 1250, the C 2156 is capable of outputting 150 cartons per minute. It features a rotary carton feeder with mechanical prebreaking for handling even critical carton qualities. The machine can collate stacks of up to 10 blisters per carton and also packs bottles, vials, and other pharmaceutical product containers. It allows for rapid and easy changing of format as a result of a centrally adjustable leaflet insertion unit that permits the cartoner to be used with different components, such as pipettes, dosing spoons, or information sheets, during product feeding and loading. The C 2156 also features low wear, a nonoscillating smooth timing-belt drive, and carton closure over several pitches for added safety during closing operation. Uhlmann Packaging, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

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