Parenteral Packaging Emphasizes Safety and Convenience

Innovations in parenteral packaging focus on safe, easy use for both doctor and patient.

Conventional empty-piston syringes may be filled without the need for hypodermic needles. The SmartAmp system fills syringes without the introduction of ambient air into the solution. According to the company, studies have demonstrated that patient room areas contain significant levels of pathogenic organisms including drug-resistant pathogens. Infections cost institutions billions of dollars every year. The SmartAmp is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for eliminating the risk of needle sticks and nosocomial infections. Avitro LLC, Zephyr Cove, NV.


Prefillable glass syringes feature a closed system design. Plastic syringes and vials offer the clarity of glass and are provided sterile and ready to fill. Glass cartridges, ampules, and vials include the company's Type I plus vials, which are designed for complex formulations, and Purgard translucent containers for aerosol applications. The company serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, analytical, dental, ophthalmic, and personal care markets. Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging Inc., Cleona, PA.

An emergency reconstituting syringe system uses a preregistered drug vial as the dry chamber. The Inter-Vial system transforms drug vials into proprietary prefilled syringes. This reconstituting syringe system does not require reregistration of the drug container, and can be assembled and packaged off-site. The Inter-Vial is a closed system providing fast, aseptic reconstitution and accurate delivery of lyophilized injectables. It sequentially automates, in one linear motion, the familiar manipulations that medical personnel perform to administer injectables. The diluent is separately packaged, preventing leaching or vapor transmission. The system is compatible with standard 13- or 20-mm vial closures. A needleless option is available; it prevents needle sticks and provides access to needle-free sites and syringe pump infusion tubing. The syringe housing is made of clear, unbreakable plastic. Duoject Medical Systems Inc., Bromont, QC, Canada.

A dual-compartment syringe acts as both a pharmaceutical package and a drug-delivery system. Substance lyophilization occurs in the front chamber, and the system is closed and sealed while still in the freeze-dryer. Following that process, the back chamber of the syringe is filled with a diluent and then also sealed. The result is a closed system with the same stability as two separate vials. By using the Lyo-Ject system, pharmaceutical manufacturers can reduce waste and residual volumes and eliminate the need to overfill the vials containing lyophilized materials. Medical professionals need to handle only one syringe rather than work with multiple pieces. Exact titration exists from reconstitution, and the dose is predetermined by the fill volume. Pharma-Turm, an affiliate of Vetter GmbH, Yardley, PA.

A line of parenteral containers includes ampules, vials, cartridges, molded bottles, and ready-to-fill syringes that meet USP requirements as well as European and Japanese pharmacopoeia requirements. Standard and custom designs are available in a range of sizes from 1 to 1000 ml in clear or amber glass. The manufacturer supplies tubular and molded glass containers to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. The company has sales offices located throughout the United States and can provide packaging solutions from concept to production. Manufacturing, engineering, and technical service teams assist customers with creating the best packaging for their products. Kimble, Vineland, NJ.

Nasal delivery of prescription drugs is enabled with a nasal spray system. The AccuSpray system is designed to be patient friendly and noninvasive. The unit-dose nasal sprayer allows split dosing and is easy to use by the medical professional or patient. Drug delivery is visible and obvious. The dosage ranges from 0.1 to 0.2 ml per nostril per spray. A dose divider delivers one dose per nostril. The package conforms to U.S., European, and Japanese pharmacopoeias. Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ. 

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