Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Sealers

Band Sealers
Newly redesigned series of band sealers offers flexibility and applicability for a broader range of applications. The MPS 6000 line of standard and validatable band sealers has undergone a major upgrade designed to offer more powerful, flexible machine.  The new design allows for the easy customization of the machine, either at time of order or in the field. Access to all wear components on the machine has been simplified. The machines are now CE marked. A list of the upgrades is available by emailing Plexpack Corp., manufacturer of Emplex Bag Sealing Solutions Equipment, Toronto, ON, 416/291-8085, ext. 234.

Vacuum Chamber System
Automated pouch packaging for a full range of product sizes has been made more efficient, claims a machinery manufacturer. The new Multivac B310 is the first belted vacuum chamber system to offer a tilting lid to facilitate easier and more ergonomic cleaning, maintenance, and height adjustments. It is also engineered with innovative valves to increase performance, speed ventilation, and reduce energy consumption. The Multivac B310 has two 37.4-in. seal bars positioned 24.8 in. apart. A lid height of 9.05 in. allows for packaging of many of the largest products and quantities. Patented vacuum porting also lends to machine efficiency and sanitation. Powered by a built-in Busch booster pump and an external Busch vacuum pump, the B310 is equipped for the most demanding packaging jobs. Multivac, Kansas City, MO; 800/800-8552;
Electronic Tape Dispenser
An electronic water-activated tape dispenser for carton sealing has passed UL testing for the 49th consecutive year. The Better Pack 555 series electronic dispenser has continually maintained the rigorous UL Listing standards for electronic and operational safety. The 555e Series, a family of rugged, versatile electronic tape dispensers for carton sealing with reinforced water-activated tape (WAT), is the only dispenser of its kind in the industry to be UL Approved and Listed. It is engineered and built to also meet or exceed FCC, CE, CSA, and CUL regulatory requirements. The standard age of the electric dispenser models in use today is more than 16 years. Machines are available in six models designed to fit various packaging applications needs. Features include a color-coded keypad, a random length key, and the largest tape capacity (accommodating 1000 foot tape rolls) in the industry. Auto repeat and auto feed functions, a programmable H pattern, and customizable tape lengths are possible. Accessories available for the Better Pack 555e series models include the CodeTaper for imprinting words, numbers, and logos directly on the tape. Better Packages Inc., Shelton, CT; 203/926.3721;

Electrical Shuttles
Electric shuttles are now available as standard equipment on a provider’s entire line of autoshuttle medical device tray sealers. Previously available only as a special order option, the electric shuttle technology provides an ultrasmooth shuttle movement at more than one speed setting. Previously announced technologies are also available such as force sensing (patented) and tool recognition RFID. All models from the company will still be available with the previous pneumatic shuttle systems for those customers wishing to match existing equipment configurations. Atlas Vac Machine, Cincinnati, OH; 513/407-3513;


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