Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Sealers

Medical Heat Sealers

A company manufactures medical heat sealers that feature high-pressure sealing cylinders and stainless-steel tables and guards. The MS/PH-series shuttle-type heat sealer and the ERB/PH-series rotary heat sealer both feature touch screen operator interface panels with password-protected timer and temperature values, PLC functions, and a pressure and temperature log that holds 99 sealing cycles. The ERB/PH-series sealers are available in six- and eight-station models with optional self-standing auxiliary feeders and finished-package unloaders. The two-stage high-pressure pneumatic cylinder is mounted in the bottom of the machine on Model MS/PH1-1822. Actuation raises the aluminum tooling toward the fixed hot plate. The bottom-mounted cylinder ensures that no moving parts or wear parts are above the packages, preventing foreign matter from accidentally dropping into the packages prior to sealing. The sealing tray glides on linear bearings. Starview Packaging Machinery Inc., St. Laurent, QC, Canada; 514/920-0100;

Tabletop Pouch Sealer

A high-temperature medical pouch sealer is a tabletop unit designed for heat-sealing fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) cryo bags and sterile-barrier products intended for cryo-preservation of tissues and cells. FEP flexible pouches require high sealing temperatures, near the point of material destruction, held in a narrow range. The Cryo530 medical pouch sealer features a 1¼4-in. CryoBand element designed to improve temperature accuracy and variance across the seal area at very high temperatures. The sealer also features digital controls and external calibration ports. Accu-Seal Corp., San Marcos, CA; 760/591-9800;

Continuous Sealing Machine

A validatable heat sealer can feed 32 feet per minute for high-volume production requirements. The Miniro H-net sealer features an internal alphanumeric printer that can be reprogrammed with description, date, or codes in minutes. The machine is designed to heat-seal Tyvek, foil, and high-barrier composite films. Optional accessories include a roller table and a thermal label and bar code printer. The heat-seal width is 15 mm. The header width is adjustable between 5 and 30 mm. The temperature range is 50° to 220°C, ±1%. PackworldUSA, Nazareth, PA; 610/746-2765;

Case Sealer

An automatic case-top sealer folds top case flaps and seals them with tape. The Supertaper 1A features a tape-monitoring system, a stainless-steel exterior finish, interlocked guarding, and heavy-duty side belts. The belt speed goes up to 78 ft/min. The tape applicator is designed for all standard pressure-sensitive tapes up to 2 in. wide in 13-in.-diam rolls. The machine is controlled by a PLC and can be operated right-to-left or left-to-right. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286;

Cap Sealer Line

A company has redesigned its product line of cap sealers to accommodate applications using the tamper-evident cap-sealing process. The products use electronic conversion and heat-transfer technology to provide the products’ power supplies with convection air-cooling without the use of fans or moving parts. The CS-350 system is designed to seal caps at speeds above 300 ft per min. Specialized sealing heads for the systems are available for cap sizes ranging from 10 to 150 mm. Lepel Corp., Edgewood, NY; 631/586-3300;


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