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Nultraviolet Bags

Bags are designed to protect light-sensitive products from UV rays. Amber Nultraviolet bags are designed to filter out 96.7% of the rays in the ultraviolet spectrum to prevent oxidation, hydrolysis, and loss of potency in sensitive solutions. The polyethylene bags are available in four sizes: 5 × 7.5, 8 × 14, 11 × 18, and 2.5 × 8.5 in. They come in cases of 1000. A variety of ties and clamps may be used with the bags. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;


A line of desiccants is designed for use with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, vitamin, and medical products. The line includes desiccant canisters, packets, inserts, tablets, and bags. The desiccants are designed to prevent product and package degradation caused by moisture. Protectants against oxygen or other contaminants are also available. Healthcare Packaging Group, a division of O.Berk Co. and Kols Containers, Union, NJ; 908/851-9500;

Desiccant Strip for Blisters

A modified-atmosphere blister (MAB) package features polyethylene desiccant strips in the rib design of the blister card so that every cavity is connected to the desiccant. The Activ-Strips featured in the blister package are designed to reduce headspace moisture content within a blister cavity to extend product shelf life. The dust-free desiccant strip does not come into contact with the product. Various desiccant-sheet thicknesses and surface-area sizes are available. Molecular-sieve and silica gel desiccants are offered. CSP Technologies Inc., Auburn, AL; 334/887-8300;

Quality Inspection

A high-performance automatic quality inspection system can be installed downstream of a specific piece of equipment or at the end of a packaging line. The Sentinel can inspect product at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute. It can be programmed to inspect different packaging features such as cap, cotton, label, or leaflet. It can also be integrated into existing packaging lines without the use of tools. The system is equipped with self-diagnostics to correct any setup errors. BellatRx Inc., Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada; 514/630-0939;


Tabletop Bag Sealers

Tabletop bag sealers are designed to seal flat or gusseted paper, plastic, Tyvek, and Autopak pouches. The LS-18D Lift Seal heat sealer system can seal pouches up to 18 in. wide with a 1¼-in. seal. The LS-24D can seal pouches up to 24 in. wide with a 1¼-in. seal. The tabletop units provide approximately 30 psi of consistent sealing pressure and produce a seal in about two seconds. A digital control maintains the temperature. The heated sealing bar is covered in nonstick fabric, which comes on a roll that the manufacturer says lasts for months of use and can easily be replaced. Rennco, Homer, MI; 517/568-4121;

Color Real-Time X-Ray

A real-time x-ray inspection system features a digital video recorder (DVR) designed to allow users to observe and record internal movements of medical devices as they work through the system. The JewelBox 70T is designed to help ensure product quality by enabling manufacturers to observe their medical products with internal moving parts as they move through the packaging line. The x-ray microscope camera features a GTI-1000 image processor. The system’s shielded x-ray chamber access ports and proprietary beam-limiting technology are designed to ensure safe operating conditions. The DVR software can stream images to a PC in real time at up to 30 frames per second. Glenbrook Technologies Inc., Randolph, NJ; 973/361-8866;


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