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Filler with Particle Inspection

A company offers nested-style syringe-filling capabilities for use with its in-line filling and particle-inspection equipment. The presterilized syringes ship directly from the manufacturer in a plastic container sealed with a Tyvek lid. The containers are designed to provide clean processing because the syringes never have to be taken out of the nest during filling. This design also eliminates the need for unload and reload machinery. The nested syringe-filling equipment can also be integrated with the company’s barrier and isolation systems. Models include the low-speed FXS 2020, which fills up to 4800 syringes per hour, and the high-speed FXS 5100, which can process up to 30,000 syringes per hour. Both models are equipped to handle glass and plastic syringes for a variety of applications. The company also offers its CVT Slitec particle inspection system to provide optical cosmetic inspection of syringes on a filling line. The CVT machines can produce an output of between 200 and 600 containers per minute, depending on the application. Bosch Pharmaceutical Division, Minneapolis, MN; 763/493-6756;

Heat-Shrinkable Tubing

Fluoroplastic smooth bore, beading, and heat-shrinkable tubing can be laser marked with part numbers, text, bar codes, or logos. The laser marking is designed to be virtually unremovable. The noncontaminating mark can be used for parts identification or traceability. The laser is used to achieve a pigment deviation in the fluoroplastic tubing material, creating a visible mark without adding ink or potential contaminants to the product. The company designed its laser marking for fluoroplastic tubing as an alternative to traditional inks that won’t adhere to the tubing material. Laser marking is available for TexFluor, FEP, PTFE, PFA, and ETFE tubing. Parker/Texmed, a division of Parflex, Ft. Worth, TX; 800/423-6551;

Label Printer/Applicator

A label printer and applicator unit is designed for light- to moderate-duty print applications. The Model 151e print engine offers tamp, blow, air-tamp, and smart-tamp labeling application options. The unit can handle printing material up to 4.5 in. wide at up to 6 in./sec. It produces 203-dpi print resolution. Auto Labe, Fort Pierce, FL; 800/634-5376;
Collapsible Pallet Shipper

A collapsible bulk shipper featuring a corrugated outer shell with highdensity polyurethane insulation is designed to maintain desired temperature levels from 2º to 8º C for 24, 48, or 120 hours as needed. The E5000 Nomadic pallet shipper, part of the company’s line of prequalified transport shippers, features frozen and refrigerated PolarPacks. These gel packs are preloaded into color-coded sleeves. Placement instructions on how to arrange the packs inside the shipper to achieve the desired temperature level are provided. The exterior dimensions are 48 in. long × 40 in. wide × 45 in. high. The shipper provides 14.15 cu ft of product space. It is designed to be user-friendly and does not require mechanical refrigeration or maintenance. SCA Packaging NA, ThermoSafe Brands, Arlington Heights, IL; 800/323-7442;

Liquid-Dispensing Products

A company manufactures liquiddispensing products that can be used individually or as a complete system. The company’s oral dispenser is a plastic, two-piece dispenser with a plunger that is designed to safely dispense pharmaceuticals, particularly to children. The oral dispenser can also be prefilled and snapped into a wagon wheel–shaped, no-choke-tip cap. The cap also functions as a stand that holds the dispenser vertically while sealing in the dispenser contents. It is available in a variety of colors. The Press-In bottle adapter is designed to be a spill-free system for administering liquid medication. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 800/962-6627;


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