Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Inserts and Outserts

Pharmaceutical Outserter
A system for automatically feeding pharmaceutical outserts, applying hot-melt adhesive, and placing outserts onto bottles tops has been upgraded. The machine handles glass and plastic bottles, round and rectangular, with both metal and plastic caps. It operates with the bottles coming at random intervals. The new TopSerter II is easy to install, explains the company, because the unit is self contained and can slide up to existing conveyors. It also features a clean design that reduces the possibility of lost outserts; an easy-to-load horizontal powered outsert magazine; flexibility to add the unit either as a line component or to fit over an existing conveyor; and a wide range of optional features. Automatic loading of outserts into the new TopSerter™ II is also available. The system is capable of operating at speeds up to 175 bottles per minute. With an optional timing screw, the new TopSerter II can handle up to 250 bottles per minute. The TopSerter II  is a modular design extension of MGS’s standard Rotary Pick n’ Place feeders, which have years of field-tested experience. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;

Digital Printing
A leading providers of outsourced services to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer health industry has announced the addition of a digital sheet-fed offset press at its Printed Components Moorestown, NJ, location. The 74 Karat digital press from KBA is ideal for volumes in the range of 100 to 10,000 units. Offering four-color process printing, the new press can produce DFUs as well as folding cartons and promotional materials. The company provides same-day color-accurate digital proofs, electronic proofing, and computer-to-plate technology. Catalent Pharma Solutions,

Outsert Folder
A printed materials provider is employing the Vijuk MV-2005 Outsert System, paired with the G&K FA 53 R6 Folder, to create outserts with up to 150 panels. It is a double-knife folding system that is electronically controlled and equipped with a modem for off-site diagnostic analysis. Makeready is easy on the MV-2005, reports the user, and  it can fold up to 12,000 intricate outserts per hour. The MV-2005 can fold a very large sheet—up to 20 × 40 in. The MV-2005’s high precision maintains consistency during production runs. The system allows the company to fold outserts with panel dimensions as small as 1⅛ by 1⅛ in. A water scoring capability deposits a series of minute water dots along fold lines to soften fibers in the paper, allowing the user to reduce the thickness of outserts and inserts from 13 to 18%. 3C Packaging, Clayton, NC; 919/553-4113;; Vijuk Equipment, Elmhurst, IL; 630/530-2203;

Wide-Format Folding
A printer of pharmaceutical packaging solutions recently made a major investment in new, state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill the market’s growing demand for wide-format folding inserts and outserts. In response to the industry’s expanding use of larger printed material and recent FDA regulations on labeling, the company has increased its wide-format folding capabilities for inserts and outserts. Some of those new capabilities include folding capacity of up to 130 fold panels; accurate folding with the use of an electronic water score system; enhanced uniformity and flatness through pressing units; consistent folding with servo-driven two-knife folding stations; clean presentation through the use of noncontact glue systems; full bar code scanning available for all inserts and outserts; and fast turnaround schedules through high-speed folding facilities. The company’s products include brand authentication technologies, labels, inserts and outserts, folding cartons, booklets, and extended content labels. Cortegra, Fairfield, NJ; 800/242-4657;

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