PACKAGING RESOURCE CENTER: The Latest in Films and Foils




PVdC-Coated PVC

In duplex and triplex constructions, a PVdC coating is available at 40 g/m2 and above. High-clarity PVdC coatings offer transparency and a low-to-medium barrier to moisture and oxygen, as well as thermoformability. The films are manufactured in the United States. Tekni-Films, div. of Tekni-Plex Co., Somerville, NJ; 908/722-4800;

Aqueous Coating

A water-based coating for polymer films forms well with plasticized vinyl applications and provides ink adhesion as well as abrasion resistance. The Aqua Cote 1550 coats a range of surfaces, including polyester, polyethylene, foil, nylon, paper, and board. The 1550 coating can be processed on standard machinery. Combined with corona treatments, the 1550 adheres at a high level to backing materials. Aqua Based Technologies, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;

Pharmaceutical Blister Film

A PVdC-coated polymer film offers moisture and barrier performance in a transparent film. A three-layer symmetrical structure (PVC/PVdC/PVC) comprises the Pentapharm alfoil E S03 film. Designed for higher performance on packaging lines, the film provides better mechanical stability and thermoforming capabilities than standard PVdC-coated films. The alfoil E S03 thermoforms in the same temperature range as PVC single-layer film, and the PVC layers offer a low coefficient of friction, reducing blocking on preheat plates and offering more consistent material flow during the thermoforming process. Klöckner Pentaplast, Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;

Alternative Films

A company offers a new forming film system. Perfecseal’s Paper Lock system combines a multi-layer, coextruded forming film with a unique, uncoated medical grade paper. The combination of ionomer and nylon polymers in the same forming film yields a robust film with the formability, durability and abrasion resistance, mold shape retention, and peelable sealing to Perfecseal’s 35868 uncoated paper. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI, 877/828-7501;;

Recyclable Foil-Like Media

A company has introduced a sustainable material for foil usage. Nonlaminated, recyclable UniLustre and Holographic UniLustre foil-like media are multidimensional, proprietary materials for point-of-sale items’ packaging and security enhancement, as well printing applications for tags and promotional items. UniLustre products look like metallized papers and boards but maintain sustainable packaging standards. Most metallized foil laminations utilize foil thicknesses in the range of 0.0003 in. and are not recyclable. The metal thickness in UniLustre products is less than 1% of that, so the products can be recycled. Nonlaminated UniLustre products print with conventional high-speed printing methods. They require no hot stamping or laminating to achieve spectacular metallic or holographic effects. In addition, they offer dead fold properties, are curl free, and do not flake. Unifoil Corporation, Fairfield, NJ, 973/244-9900;

Security Foil

A security foil’s precision laser process embeds images into aluminum foil so that they cannot be removed. CPI Security Foil allows for fine-line graphics, text, logos, and microfeatures to be applied directly to the surface of aluminum during the rolling process. The foil can be used for aluminum-based applications such as push-through blister foil, child-resistant foils, cold-form foil, pouches, sachets, and induction seals for bottles. CPI’s physical properties are the same as those of standard foil in terms of thickness, strength, and ability to be machined. Constantia-Hueck Foils, Wall, NJ; 302/235-2160;


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