Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Drug Delivery and Parenteral Packaging

Unit-Dose Pouch

A small, easy-to-use pouch is designed to be a unit-dose delivery system for ointments, creams, and lotions. Squeezing the DelPouch with the thumb and forefinger releases the contents through the foam pad at the top. The foam pad is the only part of the package that comes into contact with the treatment area. Two prefilled sizes are available: the 0.8-g fill for a 0.5-g application and the 1.3-g fill for a 1.0-g application. Soft and coarse foam pads are offered. The single-use pouches can include branding elements such as logos, and the shape of the pouch and foam pad can be varied. They can also be individually packaged, or packaged in containers or dispensers. Cardinal Health Inc., Somerset, NJ; 732/537-6200;

Prefilled Cotton Swab

A manufacturer of prefilled cotton swabs offers a first aid kit featuring single-use, cotton-tip applicators filled with premeasured amounts of antiseptic medication. The 3-Step First Aid Kit is packaged in a carton and consists of 12 applicators with antiseptic and anesthetic ingredients in one pack, 12 povidone iodine applicators in one pack, and 12 bandages in one sleeve. The ready-to-use, convenient kit is designed to help prevent infection and temporarily relieve pain associated with minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. The applicator swabs feature a colored ring at the tip to indicate to the user where to snap the applicator to allow the formula to flow down to the opposite tip for application. Swabplus Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, CA; 909/987-7898;

Tamper-Evident Syringe

A unit-dose prefilled pharmaceutical-delivery system features two overt, tamper-evident security seals. One seal of the tamper-evident UltraSafe Passive delivery system covers the needle shield. The other seal is designed to prevent the removal of the plunger to protect the glass-syringed contents. The seal is designed so that any tampering is easily recognized. The delivery system combines the use of the tamper-evident seals with needlestick prevention. The device can be used with one hand. Safety Syringes Inc., Carlsbad, CA; 877/477-0776;

Beveled-Needle Syringes

A company offers prefilled glass syringes with beveled needles. The sculpted needles are designed to ease penetration. The BD Hypak 5 features five beveled edges and extra metal for added strength. The BD Hypak 3 features three beveled edges. According to a double-blind test conducted by the company at a university hospital, the added sharpness of the BD 5 resulted in a 25% reduction in the force needed to penetrate the patient’s skin, as compared to the BD 3. BD Pharmaceutical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ; 800/225-3310;

Reclosable Pouch

A stand-up reclosable pouch is designed specifically for nutritional, energy, and recovery-enhancing gel products. The QuadPak is a 140-ml pouch with a side-gusset design that features a twist-off cap that is designed to give the user control over portion size. The four-panel pouch is made from polyester, foil, nylon, and polyethylene. It is constructed to be puncture resistant. The cap is tamper evident and swallow resistant. These gels are primarily used by endurance athletes during training and races. Ampac Flexibles, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-1777;

Safety Syringe

A syringe features a subepidermal locking sheath that is designed to minimize the risk of a person accidentally sticking oneself with the needle. The SharpShield deploys and locks its protective safety sheath after the injection is complete, while the needle is still inside the patient. The sheath blunts the needle tip, protecting the person withdrawing the needle. The locking mechanism is also designed to prevent reuse of the needle. Devon Medical, King of Prussia, PA; 800/571-3135;

Pearlized Ampules

A manufacturer of dispensing solutions offers a pearlized, etched version of its plastic ampule. Previous models were offered in only a natural shade of polyethylene and polypropylene blends. The pearlized version is available in a variety of colors. The manufacturer also offers raised etching on the ampules, such as the customer’s name or logo. The ampule’s tip is activated by gently squeezing the ampule, which ruptures the internal membrane. Another squeeze then dispenses the contents through the applicator tip. The user controls the rate and flow. James Alexander Corp., Blairstown, NJ; 908/362-9266;


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