Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Desiccants

Corrosion Protection

A desiccant pouch is designed to provide protection against moisture and corrosion. Desicorr VpCI absorbs moisture and features a vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor to protect products that include or are made of multiple metals. The desiccant is designed to provide long-term protection when used in an enclosed space. It can last up to two years. The pouch is made of breathable Tyvek on one side and clear film on the other side to provide visual inspection of the desiccant gel. The gel is blue at first and turns pink when it reaches moisture capacity and needs to be replaced. Cortec Corp., St. Paul, MN; 800/426-7832;

Small Sorbent Packets

Small, compact sorbent packets are designed to provide high moisture-absorbing capacity while taking up little space in packaging. MiniPax are available in a variety of sorbent blends and sizes. The packets are formed of heat-sealed, uncoated Tyvek. The packets have a high tear strength and are designed to be puncture-proof to eliminate the risk of leakage and product contamination. They have a high water-vapor transmission rate and can be used for odor and moisture protection. They are designed to be as strong wet as they are dry. Multisorb Technologies, Buffalo, NY; 716/824-8900;

Cargo Desiccants

A desiccant pouch is designed to protect the contents of cargo containers from moisture while being transported by land, sea, or air. Cargo-Dri pouches can be hung in the sides of containers or packed around the contents. Each pouch is designed to absorb more than 85% of its weight in moisture. The pouches are formulated to provide protection from moisture for more than 40 days. Silgel Packaging Ltd., Telford, Shrops, UK; +44 19 52588558;

Oxygen Absorbers

A line of oxygen-absorbing packet- and strip-form desiccants features a blend of adsorbents that pick up approximately three times their weight in oxygen. O-Busters are designed to help eliminate the need for additives, gas flushing, and vacuum packing. The small packets are available cartoned and in roll form. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits, and vitamins. Desiccare Inc., Pomona, CA; 800/446-6650;

Desiccant Stoppers

A line of polymer stoppers and tubes features built-in desiccant technology designed to protect products from moisture. The tubes and desiccant closures are designed to eliminate the need for desiccant inserts and foil or carton packaging. Stoppers are offered in spiral and nonspiral designs. The stoppers can be filled with silica gel or molecular sieve, and other desiccant fills can be used upon request. Tamper-evident, lipped, and flip-top closure styles are available. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, Belen, NM; 505/864-6691;



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