Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Capsule Fillers


A company provides over-encapsulation capabilities with its continuous-motion capsule filler. The Planeta capsule filler’s modular design allows for different dosing units to be filled at the same time. It can fill powders, pellets, microtablets, tablets, liquids, or herbal products in single or multiple doses and in all kinds of combinations. Low-dose powder applications can be accommodated. Capsules can be filled with up to four different types of pellets. The filler’s speed ranges from 6000 to 100,000 capsules per hour. No parts need to be changed to accommodate different tablet shapes and sizes. It also has a touch screen control panel and a built-in fill-weight verification system. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Automatic Fillers

A series of automatic capsule-filling machines is designed to handle dosing forms such as powders, pellets, beads, granules, and minitabs. The LIQFIL Super Series fillers can also handle pastes, oils, and liquids. The series includes the F-80, F-120, and F-150, all of which feature compressed filling and vibration filling methods for powders. The filling unit is designed to be highly accurate and reaches speeds from 80,000 to 150,000 capsules per hour. It is also removable. The machines also feature an o-ring that acts as a shock absorber to prevent the capsule from cracking once it reaches the end of the body brushing. They can fill hard capsule sizes 00–5. Qualicaps Inc., Whitsett, NC; 336/449-3900;

Sit-or-Stand Filler

Operators can sit or stand while operating a capsule filler designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. The CPT Model 10 capsule filler features polycarbonate and stainless-steel guarding. It has a below-bed capsule-closing station that both protects the operator and ensures that no product is lost. CapPlus Technologies, Phoenix; 623/582-2800;

Liquid Capsule Filler

A liquid capsule filler is designed for medium-output applications filling up to 84,000 capsules per hour. The GKF 1400L features a compact design and versatile functions, making it capable of handling liquid and nonliquid products as well as combinations of fillings, including liquids, powders, or pellets. To change applications, the operator slides out the modular liquid station and replaces it with the powder station. Capsules are immediately closed after filling. A no-capsule-no-fill feature is designed to reduce mess. A heating element is also included for applications that require the product to be liquefied for filling. Bosch Packaging Technology, Minneapolis, MN; 763/424-4700;

Continuous-Motion Filler

A series of capsule fillers is designed to minimize nonproductive downtimes during change-over, maintenance, or cleaning. The Imatic series machines can be fitted with an automatic clean-in-place system because they feature special seals that separate the mechanical and production areas of the machines. They can process up to 200,000 capsules per hour. They can also be configured for contained production of high-potent products. IMA North America Inc., Bristol, PA; 215/826- 8500;


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