Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Bottles and Closures

Tamper-evident closure systems for tablet containers feature integrated desiccants. The Duma product line includes a variety of desiccant closures. The Duma Twist-Off closure is designed to fit HDPE containers of various sizes and shapes. A child-resistant model of this closure and a twist-aid for weak hands are available. This is the second generation of the Duma twist-off closures. The new closures feature reinforced safety rings and the prepared break points have been redesigned to withstand stress fractures. Gerresheimer Group GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany; +49 21 6181251;

Flip-Top Jar

A polystyrene jar has a 2-in. diameter and features a clear window in the lid to display the 4-ml recessed pan inside. The matte black jar has a snap-hinge closure that is easy to open and close without becoming separated from the jar. The jar is designed to contain powder, cream, and gel products. Qosmedix, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3270;

Blow Molder Acquisition

A blow molder of HDPE and PET bottles and jars has acquired another manufacturer of HDPE bottles and jars. Quality Container (Ypsilanti, MI) brings with it more than 200 HDPE bottle styles to Alpha Packaging’s offerings. The acquisition is the second major purchase by Alpha since it became a portfolio company of the private equity firm Stonebridge Partners. The companies already shared many customers and are looking forward to leveraging their separate strengths to achieve strong sales together. Alpha Packaging, St. Louis, MO; 314/427-4300;

CR Closure

A manufacturer offers a one-piece tube closure designed to be senior-friendly and child resistant. The TubeLoK (T-CR) closure features a push-and-turn design developed for prescription and over-the-counter cream and gel products and ointments. As the closure is secured, an audible click indicates that the closure is locked onto the tube’s neck. The closure produces a spring effect when downward pressure is applied, locking the cap in place when released. It also features a plug designed to ensure package seal integrity and prevent predispensing of product while removing the closure. Rexam Closures and Containers, Evansville, IN; 812/ 868-2228;

Flexible Plastic Tubes

A company offers more than 60 tube styles. The flexible plastic tubes range in size from 13 to 60 mm. Various tip styles, applicators, and caps are available. Decorating services include labeling and offset printing. Silk-screening and hot stamping are also available. Yuan Harng Company, Ltd., Xiamen, China; +86 59 22020590;

Tablet Bottle

An HDPE, rectangular tablet bottle is available in 250- and 270-ml sizes. The bottle shape is designed to be easy to grip. Tamper-evident and flip-top closures are offered. The bottle was designed for containing pills, powders, and other dry substances for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, nutraceutical, and personal care markets. Healthcare Packaging Group, a division of O.Berk Co., Union, NJ; 908/851-9500.

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