Packaging Fit for the Jungle

by Kassandra Kania, Managing Editor

DreamPak�s Vitamals are packaged in fun animal molds for children.

If children are reluctant to take their vitamins, maybe the packaging is to blame. 

DreamPak LLC (New Berlin, WI) has a solution. It has introduced a multivitamin and mineral supplement for children called Jungle Treats Vitamals that comes in brightly colored, three-dimensional animal molds. 

The company wanted to create a package that would appeal to kids, says Cary Gammons, project leader for DreamPak. To create the different animal shapes, the company used Model TR86 vertical form-fill-seal machines from Unifill (Modena, Italy). After the film is formed into the customized shapes, it is filled with the candy liquid, which takes on the animal shapes. The gummy forms and then peels off the mold when the package is opened. 

The film, supplied by Cobelplast in Germany, is a five-layer, high-impact polystrene. Gammons says that initially, while developing similar structures with a U.S. supplier, there were problems with the product sticking to the film. "When you peeled open the package, you'd have to fight with the gummy to get it out of the film, or you'd peel a layer of film onto the product." The initial sticking of the product was due to the lack of releasing agents, and the peeling of the film was a result of too much adhesive or, in some cases, not enough. "As with any new project--and in this case new film--there was a learning phase," says Gammons. "The structure of the film had to be broken down, and samples of the new structures had to be evaluated on-line and with the finished product to determine its acceptability and effectiveness."

The gummy-filled animal forms peer out from the shelves through the window of a carton designed to look like a jungle. "The key with this package is marketing," says Gammons. "The [animal shapes] are a marketing tool on their own, so we wanted to show them through the box. We wanted the kids to see what they're buying."

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