NEWS: Tracing Diversion

A veterinary products maker has a new watchdog looking out for its products, and that watchdog just sniffed out trouble.



Last summer, Summit VetPharm LLC introduced its proprietary Bloodhound anti­diversion technology developed by Nutec Systems Inc. (Lawrenceville, NJ). Nutec enlisted unique individual identifiers along with covert anticounterfeiting technology to enable Summit VetPharm to identify counterfeit or diverted products using custom software. Nutec, which provides hardware and software to support print-and-inspect systems, describes the system as “a product track-and-trace system.”

In February 2008, Summit VetPharm found that a veterinarian was attempting to sell the firm’s ectoparasiticide Vectra 3D through the Internet—even though the product is intended to be sold exclusively through licensed veterinarians. Using the Bloodhound system, VetPharm identified the veterinarian. Within hours of notifying the vet, the diverted product was off the Web.

“I am delighted that our Bloodhound track-and-trace technology provided us with rapid identification, which allowed us to pursue immediate action against this individual, who appears to have willfully violated our signed antidiversion contract and placed our product outside the veterinary channel for sale,” says Julia Stephanus, president and CEO of Summit VetPharm.

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