NEWS: Company Rolls Out Tamper-Evident Gelcaps

Banner Pharmacaps (High Point, NC) has introduced a new line of gelatin capsules that offer tamper-evident and tamper-resistant features. Soflet Gelcaps offer in- creased protection against tampering and counterfeiting, according to William J. Jones III, director of global pharmaceutical marketing for the company. “FDA is proposing redundant systems, which is good,” he says. “However, once a product goes from the pharmacy to the patient, you need an extra layer of protection. We think this product provides that.”

Soflet Gelcaps utilize an enrobing technology and a complex rotary-die manufacturing process that puts a tight gelatin film around the tablet core, producing a tamper-evident and tamper-resistant shield. “The process creates a very robust dose that is very hard to tamper with,” says Jones. The capsules also contain an easier-to-swallow coating that provides good protection for the active ingredients.”

Jones says that the Soflet manufacturing process results in a two-toned color dosage form that can be easily printed on, a feature that can provide distinctive opportunities for product branding and differentiation. He adds that Banner is currently working with several high-profile pharmaceutical companies on OTC products featuring the technology.


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