NEWS: Aluminum Bottle to Protect Supplement



TrimSpa’s new aluminum bottle is designed to protect the contents against moisture and ultraviolet light.

TrimSpa Inc. (Cedar Knolls, NJ) is introducing an aluminum bottle package for its entire TrimSpa product collection, including TrimSpa X32, LipoSpa, and CarbSpa. Made of 99.7% virgin aluminum, the bottle protects the products against moisture and ultraviolet light. TrimSpa’s label includes unique features, such as debossed graphics, to deter counterfeiters and verify product integrity.

Chrissy Kulig, TrimSpa's public relations representative, reports that the bottle’s security relies on the manufacturing process of the container itself. The seamless custom aluminum bottle uses up to 28 various dyes during the basic manufacturing process and is sealed with a debossed cap as an additional precautionary measure. “Next-edition bottles, due to hit the shelves in first quarter 2005, will be debossed to coincide with the label graphics that are actually printed directly on the side panel in addition to the cap,” she explains.

“It is of the utmost importance that we give our customers the very best product on the market. Our priority on counterfeit prevention has set a precedent in dietary supplement packaging,” adds Alex Goen, CEO of TrimSpa. “In addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, we have a high regard for our environment. We wanted to use only highly recyclable materials in our bottle.”

“TrimSpa is the first marketer in its category to put product integrity at such a high level,” says Mark Goda, director of research and development at CCL Container, which produced the bottle.

Adds Ed Martin, vice president of sales and marketing, CCL Container: “Compared with the rest of the world, which uses plastic or glass, TrimSpa’s packaging is aluminum, which allows it to stand out on the shelf. It is distinctive and makes everything else around it invisible.”


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