Multisorb to Highlight CtO at Pharmapack Europe

The company will display a number of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Products to be exhibited include the Calculations through Operations program, designed to help streamline the process of stabilizing, from sorbent formulation through dispensing.

Multisorb Technologies is pleased to announce their attendance at Pharmapack Europe in Paris, France, on February 15-16, 2012. Pharmapack Europe is the leading European conference and exhibition devoted to packaging technologies and drug delivery systems. Multisorb, The World Leader in Active Packaging Technologies will proudly showcase their Calculations through Operations program.

Calculations through Operations is a vital service offered by Multisorb that takes the guesswork out of stabilizing pharmaceuticals by providing a full-service strategy, taking you from sorbent formulation through dispensing.  Using CtO, Multisorb will prescribe an optimized sorbent and provide it in a format specific to the product’s needs. For solutions that benefit from StripPax or StabilOx sorbents, a StripPax or StabilOx dispenser rounds out the complete system.

Scientific Calculations Remove Guesswork in Sorbent Selection
The calculations portion of CtO assists formulation chemists and others in the pharmaceutical industry with stabilizing drug products in their packaging. Physical and chemical degradation of drug products often cause formulation chemists to turn to packaging engineers to incorporate sorbents, such as desiccants and oxygen absorbers, into the packaging in order to achieve the desired shelf life.

CtO takes a Quality by Design (QbD) approach by using Multisorb’s pseudo-empirical modeling programs, SimulSorb and SimulOx. Using empirically derived data from the drug, its packaging, and Multisorb’s sorbent, the modeling can predict the stability outcome for a given pharmaceutical formulation and dosage form. This predictive model can eliminate sorbent ranging studies, saving 6-12 months of development time.

The modeling allows Multisorb to determine if a typical desiccant or oxygen absorber is needed, if IntelliSorb™, an intelligent sorbent, is required, or if no sorbent is needed.

IntelliSorb - the Smart Choice for Complex Chemistries
Some pharmaceutical formulations require a solution that can’t be achieved with a traditional desiccant or oxygen absorber.  IntelliSorb offers steady-state or multifunctional control of oxygen, moisture vapor, and hydrocarbons.  As a steady-state sorbent, IntelliSorb can manage the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) in the packaging headspace and the water activity (Aw) of the drug. For products requiring multifunctional control, Multisorb can provide a sorbent with any combination of moisture vapor, oxygen, and volatilized hydrocarbon sorption properties.

Sorbents Formatted To Fit a Specific Need
Not every product will benefit from the same type of sorbent format. To accommodate specific needs, Multisorb offers sorbents in three format groups: Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In. Drop-in sorbents are presented in either a packet or canister format.  Fit-In sorbents are compressed solid forms that are custom manufactured to a specific size and shape to fit into a component of the packaging or device. The third format, Built-In, incorporates adsorption properties into a thermoplastic structural component of a device.

Industry Standard Dispensers Complete the System

Multisorb takes a systems approach to sorbent dispensing. Multisorb’s dispensers are designed to work exclusively with Multisorb’s Drop-In spooled or canister sorbents. The dispensers are equipped with smart dispensing technology that reads data from each sorbent spool, providing timesaving tracking to enhance your quality system. Improve traceability, verify first in / first out procedures are being followed, track sorbent quantity on the spool, and track sorbent shelf life with ease.

Source: Multisorb Technologies

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