Multiple Doses Made Friendly

The Complete Package multiple-dose spray system can be used for already approved and marketed products.

A new packaging system from Pfeiffer’s pharmaceutical division has been recognized with a 2006 International Forum Design award. The Complete Package is an outer package for multiple-dose spray systems intended to offer convenient handling and ergonomically friendly design, states a product brochure. It may also offer improved hygiene when compared with current multidose packages.

Pfeiffer states that when designing the Complete Package, it kept several industry demands in mind. Potential users seek systems that do not require the primary package to be modified, that can be filled using standard equipment, that offer space for informative labeling, and that can be used for already approved and marketed products. According to Pfeiffer, this outer package “brings reliable performance and user-friendliness to both integrated, complete systems as well as to existing ones as a seamless add-on.”


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