The Latest in Package Testers


PC-Controlled Force Tester

A company introduces a programmable force-tester that can be used on PCs. The Model ESM301 can be programmed and controlled for quality assurance on package testing from its front display or via a personal computer. Its 300-lbf load capacity makes it ideal for a range of testing applications including spring testing, peel testing, tensile testing, wire pull testing, and many other applications. Personal configurability lets users modify the machine, and parts to support individual applications can be purchased separately as needed. The tester can also be programmed to stop between or at cycles, or between travel positions, force values, or limit switches. Integrated overload protection protects force gauges from overloading during testing. The manufacturer’s digital force gaugers and grippers are all compatible with the tester. Mark-10; 888/MARK TEN;

Water-Based Liquid Sensor

A company provides quality control for filling liquids. The QS30H20 detects the presence or absence of water in transparent and translucent glass and plastic containers. A high-powered version can also detect water-based liquids in many opaque glass and plastic containers. The sensor verifies whether liquid is being emitted from nozzles and ensures proper spraying-system operation for washing, cooling, gluing, and other applications. A response time of 1 minute suits sensors for use on high-speed lines. The infrared beam is powerful enough to burn through dust and other airborne contaminants. Accessory apertures can narrow the light beam to improve the accuracy of liquid-level detection. Banner Engineering Corp., Minneapolis; 763/544-3164;

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